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Customized Administrative Solutions

Admin Support

We offer a variety of administrative services to support your back office needs. Our administrative support solutions will help you to free up your valuable time and focus on those tasks that you should be focused on. Our customized administrative solutions are tailored to fit your needs and will be matched specifically to you and your business. Please take a few minutes to fill out our RFP Web Form to get your custom package created today. If you do not see a service you need in the list below just mention it on the RFP Web Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours (non-business days excluded [weekends/holidays]).

Our administrative services can be packaged with our other services to help create a more tailored packaged to match your needs.

Rhonda has saved my sanity. In my previous life I was an Administrative Assistant. Now that I have my own business, I was trying to do it all and when I found Rhonda, it was total synchronicity. I have now handed over, with lots of coaxing from Rhonda, a lot of the back office work to free my time to work on my business instead of at my business. I am very particular about how things get done and Rhonda has been very willing to work with me to create the best way for us to work together. She is very flexible, accurate, and always does the work in a timely manner. I am looking forward to handing over more of the back office to Rhonda as my business grows.

Geri Sue Sandor, Wellness Connections, LLC

Calendar Support

We can help you manage your calendar by scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling your appointments and help you set it up to send you reminders each day.


We can read and respond to emails on your behalf. Write other correspondence such as letters and memoranda.

Data Entry

We can assist with you many data entry projects via online or desktop programs. We utilize MS Office Excel 2010 for our spreadsheet program.


Let us clean up your typos and punctuation errors so that your documents look more professional.

Electronic Files

We can help you organize your electronic files in a way that makes your efiling system easy to manage and locate documents without having to search everywhere for them.

Email Support

Let us clean out your inbox, organize your folders, labels, and / tags so that email management is simple and easy. Locate any email with ease. We can also read and respond to any emails on your behalf.


No fax machine or means to send or receive faxes … no problem! Let us handle that for you. Simply email us your documents and we can fax them for you or we can receive a fax and send it to you via email. You can also put documents in a shared folder via Dropbox for faxing.

Mail Merge

We can merge your Excel Contacts Database with your letters, labels, envelopes, and more.

Maintain Contact List

Keep your contact list neat and tidy. Do you have out of date contact information? We can update that for you or we can clean out old contacts that you no longer need.


More than just fixing a typo or punctuation error. We can clean up the grammar as well. Sometimes known as rewriting as parts of the document will be rewritten to ensure proper grammar, punctuation, typos, flow of content, etc. … giving you a professional and clean looking document.

Transcribe Voicemails

No time to check those voicemails or you simply need a copy of them for your records. Let us screen and transcribe them for you giving you a typed record of all your voicemails.


There are many types and uses of transcription from academia, business, dictation, and many more. While we do offer transcription services we do not do large groups. We prefer no more than 2 persons speaking and you must speak English clearly. This might include interviews, dictation, lecture notes, voicemails, phone calls, memos, sermons, etc.

Word Processing / Typing

Let us take your electronic or hard copy documents whether handwritten or other and type them into a professionally formatted Word document.

Don't see what you're looking for?

It is difficult to list every single service we do everyday. Simply fill out our RFP Web Form today and tell us what you need.

Admin Consulting

In addition to traditional administrative support services we may also consult with you and help you get answers to your most pressing questions regarding your businesses needs. Questions we are often asked:

  1. Do I really need a social media presence?
  2. Do I really need a website or do I need to improve or update my website?
  3. What is SEO and do I really need to focus on it?
  1. I have a big project, but I am far too busy to oversee it. How can you help me navigate the pains of this process? 

And many more… 

While we are well versed in our industry, we are not all knowing, we will dig in and find answers by researching the issues or reaching out to other industry professionals to get the answers you need, and when necessary we may connect you with other industry professionals to assist you. Then, we advise you on relevant subject matter pertaining to the needs of your business.

We may also act as your communications liaison, attend virtual meetings on your behalf, and record or take notes for you and summarize it in a report. We protect your confidential information, review, advise, and revise your policies and procedures. We may teach you new skills were necessary or needed such as how to navigate your website’s back end or how to send a newsletter via your mailing list manager.

We support, facilitate, and nurture relationships with you, your team, your clients, and outside partners. We may interact with your clients on your behalf in a highly professional manner. We represent your company when doing so as if it were our own company. We maintain your company recognition when doing so by stating we are your assistant, executive assistant, etc. (your preference on title). We would identify our self as you would have us to. For instance, “Hello, I’m Rhonda, and I’m Bob Smith’s assistant at ABC Company.” We can also utilize a company email you set up for us to represent your company in email. This will all give you the appearance of having an in house assistant, and no one will be the wiser unless you tell them otherwise.

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