We offer a variety of services from general virtual assistance to eMarketing. Our team will work with you and your team to provide you with top notch services tailored to fit your needs.


If you have lots of questions then read on. This section is for you.

A VA / virtual assistant is a professional who is an independent contractor and not an employee who owns and operates their own business from a remote location that partners with you and your team to help improve your processes so you can save time and focus on what matters most in your business and in your life.

Some virtual assistant's skill sets have evolved to include more than the traditional administrative functions in order to meet supply and demand. With the world of business constantly revolving online it is only natural that the virtual assistant role would adapt to this environment. This need has expanded the role of the virtual assistant to include a variety of functions including but not limited to web services (social media, website design, website maintenance, etc.), administrative assistance and consulting, copy writing, project management, desktop publishing, and transcription. Of course each virtual assistant has their own unique skill set and this often leads to virtual assistants teaming up and working together in order to bring a wider array of services to their clients.

At Rhonda's Virtual Office, Rhonda Holscher is a business owner / independent contractor that works with a highly skilled team of virtual assistants and partners with other professionals offering a variety of services to meet your businesses needs.

We provide quality administrative support to assist you in freeing up your time and allowing you to do the more pressing tasks and focus on your passion and what really drives you. Through our administrative consultation process we will discuss your needs and the systems and processes you already have in place. We will help you determine if those systems and processes are working for you, and help you to create new ones to replace the ones that don't work or simply don't exist. If you'd like to schedule your administrative consultation please complete our request for proposal form and we will get in touch within 24 to 48 business hours.

We take pride in our business and our team members on being professional, with the highest ethics. Our team has several years experience and are all highly qualified and certified to work in the virtual assistant industry. We thrive on seeing you succeed!

Remember that your virtual assistant is your business partner and is a business owner and as such will treat your projects as if they are their very own projects. Your virtual assistant has a huge stake in how they perform their work. If a virtual assistant does not perform work or satisfactory work then the virtual assistant's own business reputation is damaged and therefore is highly motivated to complete all projects in a timely and professional manner.

At Rhonda's Virtual Office we take pride in the services that we provide and guarantee all work will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Your virtual assistant can supply you with a time sheet upon your request to show you the amount of time spent on each project.

At Rhonda’s Virtual Office we use time tracking software to track our time and a report can be provided to the client upon the client’s request. However, we do encourage that retainer’s or project based packaging be utilized so that less focus is put on the time spent and more focus is put on the quality output of your projects and tasks.

We do our best to fulfill your task requests. We partner with other service providers, freelancers, or small businesses that offer services that are out of our scope of service in order to better fulfill your requests. If we have no one on our team or an existing partner already that can complete the task requested then we can work with you to assist you in finding the right person for the job.
There are many ways to exchange files such as email, project management software, file sharing programs such as Dropbox, Box, or Copy as well as Google Drive, OneDrive, email and fax. If you have a preference file sharing program please let us know.

Virtual assistant's take precautions to ensure that your information is secure by utilizing software programs that are installed on their computer.

At Rhonda's Virtual Office we use Web Root, Norton Internet Security, AntiSpyware, and firewalls to prevent virus and hacker attempts.

All information is confidential and your virtual assistant should provide you with or at least be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement / confidentiality agreement.

At Rhonda's Virtual Office we have a standard non-disclosure agreement that is signed by all parties involved. This would include you the client, all sub-contractors or partners, and Rhonda Holscher as the owner of RVO.

Virtual assistant rates will vary across the board dependent on many factors. At Rhonda's Virtual Office our starting hourly rate is $50 and upwards of $150 depending on the services being provided. We however offer monthly retainer packages that are often customized to meet your needs as it's difficult to build a one-size fits all package.

Our monthly retainer packages are autopay billed to the credit or debit card of your choice each month on the 25th of the month which is your payment for the following month's work.

When you are focused on the main money-making tasks in your business you will increase your productivity. It’s really simple! Working with a professional team for your back office needs from administrative, desktop publishing, project management, web and many more back office tasks you are gaining an advantage that many businesses are missing out on. We provide…

  • a professional highly skilled and trained team
  • quality services
  • customized package tailored to fit your needs
  • if we make an error we correct it… (we are all human after all)
  • increase your productivity
  • create a more flexible schedule
  • reduce your stress
  • improve your customer relationships
  • which will spur growth in your business
  • and a healthier work – life balance.


We will have a chat via chat, email, phone or in person to discuss your various needs and upon deciding to work together we will work out the details and begin the on-boarding process. If you haven't done so already at this point you may be asked to complete our client intake form.

We are currently utilizing a project management system to manage all tasks and time related to them. If appropriate you may be given your own login upon signing our agreements and be able to log in and make work requests via the system and there you'll be able to view all time related to tasks and pull time reports at your convenience.

Our agreements include:

Our current project management system is Trello in conjunction with Plus for Trello for time tracking purposes. Both currently have free versions and you shouldn't need to purchase anything.

If utilizing Trello on your desktop there is no need to download anything you simply will be invited to join by us via email and you'll click the link to sign up and join. If you want to have access to it via your mobile device you may go to the Google play store here to download the Trello app.

In order to access Plus for Trello you'll need to open a Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop and go here to install the extension. Microsoft Edge Chromium now offers the ability to install Chrome extensions. Just enable the add Chrome extensions feature under extensions in your browser settings and install from there. Once you've installed the extension you'll be able to view and pull time reports whenever you need them. If you are not interested in time reports then you will not need to worry to about doing this step.

Upon signing your agreements we will collect your credit or debit card info and get you set up on autopay.  Your first payment will be taken out according to our agreement and then each consecutive month on the 25th.

After your first payment is received and your autopay is successfully set up we will begin working together. At this point we will start utilizing Trello and setting up your first project or task in there. All project related documents and images may also be uploaded to Trello keeping everything handy and in one place. If we have team members assisting with any of your projects or tasks they will also be included on your project board and you will be able to communicate with all members who are actively working on your projects/tasks.

We have a typical turn around time of 1 - 3 business days for normal tasks. Please comment on when you'd like the task completed by so that we may work this into our schedule. If you need something sooner rather than later please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your need.

**Note you may be charged extra for rush projects/tasks. 

Project drafts and completed files will be uploaded to Trello in relation to the project or task. You may review any drafts and give feedback directly in Trello. Revisions will be made and reuploaded for approval. Upon completion Rhonda will mark projects/tasks as complete after verifying with you that is was satisfactory and is in fact complete.

After we've completed a few projects or tasks together we would greatly appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes and to give us a review on Google or Facebook.

Administrative Support
Administrative Support

From general to executive level virtual assistant support and consulting services.

eMarketing Support
eMarketing Support

From light social media support to website design and maintenance, graphic design, and newsletters.

Service Packages
Service Packages

Great package options to meet virtually every need, but can also create custom packages.