Welcome to Rhonda’s Virtual Office!

We are your virtual partners working together to help you the small business owners and entrepreneurs to create systems and strategies that work while ensuring your office is efficient, cost effective, and productive.

Our team has many years of experience, and we offer variety of virtual assistant services from administrative assistance, administrative consulting, desktop publishing, project management, and web services.

What are the benefits of partnering with us?
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    • Increase Your Productivity
By focusing on your main money making tasks in your business you will increase your productivity and it will also assist in increasing your ROI.
    • Create a more Flexible Schedule
When you partner with us to handle your day to day tasks, whether it be administrative or the more technical aspects of your business, you free up many hours so you can choose how to schedule your time instead of the business always running your schedule and your life.
    • Reduce Your Stress
Our virtual assistants are well trained with many years of experience and you can now relax knowing that those tasks that you find tedious, time consuming, or difficult are being handled by a professional in a timely manner. From administrative support and consulting, desktop publishing, project management, to the more technical services we can take virtually any task off your list and get it done.
    • Learn New Skills
Want to learn a new skill? We would be happy to work with you at your own pace. This is part of our consulting services and we are very excited about teaching new skills to our clients.
    • Improve Customer Relationships
Just like an in house assistant we can work with your clients to help them to get what they need. Breathe easy knowing that a super savvy, sharp, and responsive assistant is looking after them. Your customers will appreciate and recognize the level of service you are providing them. When your customers are happy, they talk! When they talk, you get more business! And more business means what? You guessed it – more money.
    • Grow Your Business
When you combine all the points above together you will see that you’ve now created the perfect environment to grow your business. Having more time to focus on the money generating tasks, less stress so you can focus more clearly on what you need to accomplish, less work for you so you can step back and breathe easy, and having your clients attended to is sure to set the stage.
    • Healthier work – life balance
The bottom line is you went into business for yourself so you could have all the things you wanted out of life, but what you probably didn’t count on was that the business would be so demanding of you and your time taking you away from your favorite activities and more importantly away from your family. Now that you’ve decided to partner with a professional administrative assistant you can have exactly what you’ve always wanted. The job you’ve always dreamed of and more time for you and your family!
We work with our local Cincinnati neighborhood businesses as well businesses from across the United States, and we would love to make you part of our family.


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