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I am so grateful to Rhonda for helping me in my business from research, website design and social media. Everytime I say "help"...she says "tell me what you need." When ever I give her a task I can rest knowing she will take care of it. She is truly a gem in my business!


Rhonda Holscher was referred to me when I was looking for someone to do some transcriptions for a client. She is very professional, dependable and I am glad to have her in my network and will continue to give her all my transcription projects from here on out.

The presentation went very well and the PowerPoint presentation was a hit. Thanks again for your help!


Rhonda Holscher is fantastic and fabulous! She has worked tirelessly and diligently on my website. Her patience exceeds understanding! She is helpful, thoughtful, and works hard. A benchmark of a true professional is their ability to communicate and respond. I can say, without hesitation, that Rhonda communicates better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. She responds to my every request quickly and with a good attitude (which, in my book, is most important!). I cannot say enough good stuff about Rhonda, and I highly recommend her for all your virtual assisting needs. She will take care of you. She has been a God-send to me.


Rhonda Holscher provides a high-quality, efficient, and ethically sound virtual assistant service. I am truly blessed to be involved in the growth of her business. Over the last few weeks, Rhonda has assisted me with web research, data entry, proofreading, editing, and rewriting newsletter content. I am mostly impressed with Rhonda's attention to detail and her immediate response to the items I assign her. If you're seeking an individual that will play a proactive role in your business; look no further. Rhonda is the gal for the job.

Rhonda Holscher is an extremely professional virtual assistant. Her work is always accurate and fast!

The Social Media arena was a mystery to me and she made it so simple. She did the hard tasks and gave me the easy ones and now my region has a social media presence. I could not have done it without her. Rhonda is an out of sight joy to work with.


Rhonda R. Holscher is an awesome VA (Virtual Assistant)! If you need any VA work done, she is helpful, thoughtful, thorough, and amazing!

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Rhonda Holscher cleaned up an Excel spreadsheet I had messed up. She organized the spreadsheet and fixed the problems. Her knowledge of Excel is excellent.


Rhonda has been an invaluable part of our organization. Prior to her joining us, our website was a continual challenge to keep updated. Now, we just email Rhonda with what we need, and it is done so quickly it always amazes me. We have never had to ask Rhonda twice for anything. She not only does what we ask, she makes suggestions and gets to the heart of what we really need. I can't recommend her enough!


Rhonda Holscher is a dedicated and super efficient virtual assistant.

A joy to work with!


Rhonda Holscher is a real delight to work with. She has proven time and time again that she is up to whatever task we assigned her. She is very efficient, proficient, and detail oriented. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, loyal, and has a high moral compass then Rhonda is the girl for you!

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Rhonda's Virtual Office allows us to focus on our One Thing while providing us with a valuable service. If you need a virtual assistant, try Rhonda! You won't be disappointed.

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When I met Rhonda, I immediately thought: "she can help me in an area I know little about - how to use gmail to more effectively manage my business connections.

We set a time and met. Rhonda listened to what I needed and focused the training on my most important needs for gmail. Then she covered applications and showed me how other uses could simplify some of my work. I'm a hands-on type of person, so Rhonda allowed me the time to learn and practice using the skills as she was teaching. Her presentation and guidance are outstanding. The follow up was definitely a benefit. Her guide booklet is a clear and excellent guide.

I definitely recommend her services to my friends. Way to go, Rhonda.


I hired Rhonda to help with a project that had been festering on my “to do” list for months. She asked a lot of questions to make sure that she knew what I was looking for and emerged a few days later with a finished product that required very little editing on my part. I have hired her again for other projects and I plan to continue to do so.


If you have administrative tasks that are holding you back, you can’t go wrong by delegating them to Rhonda.

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Thanks Rhonda. I'm excited. It's all going to happen and I'm super excited to be working with a visionary like you.

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Rhonda Holscher, has helped me as a virtual assistant, when I am not able to call clients, customers because of my career at Coleman Data Solutions in Akron Ohio, she has sent out flyers, developed new business cards and postcards that gets clients. I don’t have the time that she has nor the experience with customer service. It is a relief to know that and I testify that her work is excellent. I need a virtual assistant because they are worth their weight in gold. Taking my old website and making it one that is very productive and helps me make money online. She is a joy to have working for me, a joy to know, and a joy to know that she is trusted.

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Rhonda has saved my sanity. In my previous life I was an Administrative Assistant. Now that I have my own business, I was trying to do it all and when I found Rhonda, it was total synchronicity. I have now handed over, with lots of coaxing from Rhonda, a lot of the back office work to free my time to work on my business instead of at my business. I am very particular about how things get done and Rhonda has been very willing to work with me to create the best way for us to work together. She is very flexible, accurate, and always does the work in a timely manner. I am looking forward to handing over more of the back office to Rhonda as my business grows.


Rhonda Holscher performs transcription functions for the client’s I serve. Her work is always concise and delivered in a professional manner. I would recommend her to anyone needing transcription services.

Rhonda is one of a kind. She was faced with a challenging situation regarding my web site. She invested a good deal of time finding the right person to address the problem and thanked me for expanding her skills to include this type of web development. NO one does that in this industry. They just move on to the next client. AMAZING

Rhonda is one of those experts that is truly that, an expert. It is so easy to be taken in the wide world of the web. I have as an interior designer been taken to the cleaners … with web designers and the so called services they provide - Honest - Smart – and a pleasure to work with is what you will find in working with Rhonda.

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