We offer a variety of services from general virtual assistance to website design. Our team will work with you and your team to provide you with top notch services tailored to fit your needs.

To learn more about our services and rates please read below. When you are finished we’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.


When you are focused on the main money-making tasks in your business you will increase your productivity. Your return on investment will be so phenomenal that you will not look back.

It’s really simple! Working with a professional team for your back office needs from administrative, desktop publishing, project management, web and many more back office tasks you are gaining an advantage that many businesses are missing out on. We provide…

    • a professional highly skilled and trained team
    • quality services
    • customized package tailored to fit your needs
    • if we make an error we correct it… (we are all human after all)
    • increase your productivity
    • create a more flexible schedule
    • reduce your stress
    • improve your customer relationships
    • which will spur growth in your business
    • and a healthier work – life balance.


If you are focusing too much on how much money you are spending for services. This focus may throw you out of the game because you do one of two things;

(1) You decide not to have an assistant at all and become a true one man band which leaves you overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, stretched to the max, and eventually … mark my word here … it will fall apart at the seams. You will start losing clients because of your inability to keep up with the work flow by yourself.  

Lost clients = lost income! 

(2) You shop for price rather than quality. This a huge no, no. When you shop for price you more often than not get exactly what you pay for! This is actually going to cost you more money in the long run as you will lose money when things such as lack of or poor communication becomes a barrier, lack of training and skills causes repeat work and lost hours, etc.  

Poor communication, lack of skills = repeat work = lost hours = lost money! 

So, ask yourself this question.

What’s more important to me…

  • spending less on my assistant, or
  • getting a highly trained, skilled, and qualified assistant? 


If you answered “yes” to spending less then you’ve come to the wrong place. Feel free to continue shopping for price over value!

If you answered “yes” to getting a highly trained, skilled, and qualified assistant then you’ve come to the right place please keep reading or get in touch today!

Not only will you get one assistant, but you get an entire team that can meet more of your needs. We will work with you to create a custom package that is tailored to fit your needs. In the following pages you will see administrative assistance and consulting, desktop publishing, web services and more. Each page has some of the services we provide in those categories. If you do not see a service in the category that you require virtual assistance with please fill out our RFP Web Form and let us know your needs.

Rhonda Holscher is a dedicated and super efficient virtual assistant. A joy to work with!”

Alyssa Avant of Alyssa Avant Companies LLC


We are currently utilizing an online project management system to help keep track of all ongoing projects (tasks and time related to projects/tasks). You will be given your own log in upon signing a services agreement with us. You will be able to log in and make work requests via the system.

You can also log in to view project related information and documents. We will set up a Dropbox file for project related documents on our end unless you want to share this folder with us. In that case you will need to set up the folder and share it with us. We can assist you with this process. It is fine to upload your project related documents to the system, but we will move them once projects or tasks are completed, as space is limited on the system, to Dropbox.

If you do not currently utilize Dropbox and would like to share and own your own folder please click here to create your account. Once you’ve setup your account just create a folder and share it with me (Rhonda Holscher). Please label this folder with your businesses initials and ours (i.e. “ABC – RVO” / “ABC – RVO shared” if you prefer) to help me in identifying the proper folder for your business. As you can imagine I share many folders via Dropbox and if everyone labels the folders Rhonda or shared with Rhonda or some variation of it gets rather confusing on my end.

They do have a FREE option if this is not something you would use for anything else or do not currently use that allows for a limited amount of space, and you can just use it on a project basis and then remove the files from Dropbox once a project is complete.

After projects are complete all documents are removed from the project management system and stored in Dropbox for a period of 6 months after project completion or the end of our relationship. They are then destroyed. If you wish to request these files from us during this time frame you may do so, but remember they will not be available after that. Only eCopies via email or eTransfer are free. If you wish to receive them via any other source there may be fees related to the source you choose (associated costs: printing, cd’s, jump drive’s, etc.)

You will receive a proposal from me (Rhonda Holscher) or our business manager. This proposal if accepted is incorporated into the Services Agreement as if it were a part of it and considered a legal binding contract upon your signature.

Once you’ve signed the proposal you will need to fill out our Client Intake Form and /or Website Questionnaire (we can assist with this), sign a contract and NDA, and pay any fees due in advance of services. For hourly and maybe per project clients (dependent on our proposal and agreement with you) we require a minimum of a $250 deposit.




Rates are based on this structure…

$50.00 (hourly) – Administrative / Desktop Publishing
$75.00 (hourly) – Web / Technical Services
$150.00 (per audio hour) – Transcription

… but …

… we work with you to create a customized retainer or project package that meets your needs that are based on those rates.

Minimum retainer packages start at $250.00 and are required in advanced of services. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!

 Terms and Conditions


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