Administrative Services

STOP! Really think about your typical day. What does that look like?

Are you overwhelmed with your day to day tasks? Let us help you tackle those tasks and get them done for you. Make a list of your day to day tasks and determine what you must do, what you can delegate, and what you can get rid of. Once you learn to release the tasks you don’t personally need to do and allow your virtual assistant team to do them you will create peace of mind for your self and free up your time to better focus on those necessary tasks you must do.

  • scheduling
  • rescheduling
  • cancelling
  • reminders

Internal or external correspondence:

  • letter
  • memoranda
  • formal requests
  • sales/proposals
  • collection letter
  • circulars/office announcements
  • and more

We can enter your data from whatever data source you provide to us into your software of choice. We utilize MS Excel, Google Sheets, online forms and many others on a daily basis. Simply tell us your project details and we'll get it done for you.

Editing: Let us clean up your typos and punctuation errors.

Proofreading: More than just a fixed typo or punctuation error. We can clean up the grammar as well. Sometimes known as rewriting as part of the document will be rewritten to ensure proper spelling, grammar, puncuation, typos, flow of content, etc.

Give your documents a polish and look more professional.

Electronic Files can be easily managed via Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Hard-copies can be dropped off if local or sent overnight if not.

Let us clean up your files and create a system that is easy to use.

  • clean out your inbox
  • organize your folders, labels/tags
  • unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions
  • craft emails
  • read emails
  • respond to emails
No fax machine or means to send them or receive faxes ... no problem! Let us handle that for you. Simply email us your documents and we can fax them for you or we can receive a fax and send it to you via email or shared file system.
We can merge your Excel contacts database with your letters, labels, envelopes, etc. We can also add custom merge tags throughout your letters.
Let us take your electronic or hardcopy documents whether handwritten or other and type them into a professionally formatted document.

Let's talk! It's difficult to list everything we do everyday, but if you contact us today we can discuss your specific needs and see if we are able to assist you.