So you’ve decided you CANNOT live without a Virtual Assistant. Now what?

Working with a virtual assistant can be a scary thing to do especially if this is your first time. You know that you have to release your control over your projects to someone you hardly know. You also know that you will be giving your virtual assistant proprietary information from time to time that is sensitive and possibly confidential. Here are just a few tips to help you get started with working with your virtual assistant.


Take some time and write out a list of what you don’t want to do or know you would be better served if your virtual assistant was doing it instead.

  • Are you terrible at creating newsletters, but know that you should be sending one out?
  • Do you just hate doing data entry?


What else do HATE doing or really NEED someone else to help you with? Your virtual assistant will be the perfect person to handle those tasks for you.


There will be certain things your virtual assistant will need to know about you and the way you work to make your  working relationship with your virtual assistant flow smoothly. Tell your  virtual assistant about it.

  • When and how you respond to your customer enquiries.
  • How you like your email signature.
  • If you have any little quirks like how you want your business to be referred.
    • My business name is Rhonda’s Virtual Office, but I also refer to it as RVO. Not every business likes to refer to their business with acronyms. Make sure your virtual assistant knows this.


Make a list of all your quirks and tell your virtual assistant. If you have a Policies and Procedures Manual share  it with them. This wil be very helpful in allowing your virtual assistant to  assist you, and if you do not have one then consider creating one and have your  virtual assistant help you put it together. This will serve as a great resource  for not only your virtual assistant but for anyone who should work with you.


This should be discussed and agreed upon before even beginning to work with your virtual assistant. How you will share your information, give instructions, send requests, etc.

  • Will you use a program like Dropbox, have a server, use something like Google docs, etc.?
  • Will you send a work order, email, or request phone meetings to discuss work?


Getting this down will help to create smooth workflow processes, and make working with your virtual assistant a great experience.


Your virtual assistant CANNOT READ YOUR MIND! Be explicit and clear on what you want and when you want it completed. If you are clear on what you expect there will be little room for misunderstandings and late projects. A great way to do this is to create a who, what, when, where, and why list. Then after each word write in clear instructions for your virtual assistant.

  • Who: (Name)
    • Contact (name) and ask them about pushing the deadline back
  • What: Deadline for Project XYZ
  • When: Please do this today by EOD
    • Need to push deadline back to (date)
  • Where: Call / email them at
    • (Email)
    • (Phone)
  • Why: There has been some unexpected red tape, (explain what that red tape is so they can explain if need be.)
  • Notes: (any additional information you want them to know or need your contact to know)
    • Please tell (name) that I’m sorry for the unexpected red tape and that we will work as swiftly as possible to smooth it out, and thank them for their understanding. Tell (name) that we will update them by (date) of the progress.


This is a pretty simple process and usually covers all the basis, and will help you to remember what items you need to include.


Just let it go! Your virtual assistant is highly competent and you know they are because you contracted with them. You would not have contracted with them if you did not believe they were. Right? Let it go and let your virtual assistant handle the job for you so you can do yours.

If you have any questions about working with a virtual assistant we would love to speak with you. Contact Rhonda at or 513.32RVOVA / 513.327.8682 for your free 15 minute consultation today!

If you have any other tips that will help clients working with a virtual assistant we would love to know about them. Please be sure to drop your comments below and share them with us.

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