Working Virtually: Overcoming Phonenobia and Emailitis

When working virtually it is far too easy to hide behind our computers. Sometimes we have to step out and overcome our fears. As virtual assistants we too sometimes struggle with these phenomena, but being in the field that we have chosen for ourselves we all must overcome our own doubts and fears. As virtual assistant we have taught ourselves to overcome them, and a good virtual assistant will be able to help you with the areas that you struggle with. 

Emailitis: Plaguing others with an overload of email communication in business. 

Since it is much easier for most to get their points across in writing, usually avoiding emotions and other factors, a lot of businesses rely on email as a means of communication. Even though email is great due to the speed of message delivery and response, emailitis can become overwhelming and frowned upon. Using email as an alternate follow-up method or quick note with an attachment is fine, but integrating the use of email with other communication methods opens up many more doors for every business.

Phonephobia: Fear of using telephone communication in business. 

For many reasons – a major one being ‘verbal rejection’ – businesses opt out of using the telephone as a means of communication. This is very unfortunate, as using this technique creates an immediate and personal relationship between those involved, as well as ensures a level of confidentiality that email communication cannot uphold to. The telephone is a vital tool in business because it improves the communication between employees, customers or potential customers.

Emailitis is not the cure for phonephobia and vice versa. In order to overcome emailitis, you must practice other means of communication such as the phone, postal mail or video conference. The same goes for overcoming phonephobia; practice using the phone with a smile on your face and confidence in your voice and heart. Persistence is critical, of course, but only in the right areas such as following up, producing quality results and other positive aspects.

If you need assistance with creating more synergy in your business, find and work with a virtual assistant who can help keep your business on the right track, communicating with everyone involved.

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