Work Effectively With Your Virtual Teams

With virtual teams on the rise learning to work effectively in a virtual environment is key to your teams success!

virtual teams | Salvatore Vuono

If you are a small business owner that works primarily with virtual teams then you know that working effectively requires more flexibility than working in a bricks and mortar environment. The Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM states that “with virtual work teams, it takes a little more effort to reach out and engage someone whom you don’t run into in the hall or by the coffee machine.” As smart business owners who are increasingly outsourcing traditional business functions to experts like virtual assistants, virtual website designers, and virtual project managers this is our reality.

So how can we work more effectively with our virtual teams and build rapport? Tweet This! The answer: use technology. More companies are using project management tools to not only stay connected on projects but as a means of social engagement. As we’ve previously noted there are many tools on the market that will help us stay productive. Tools like Socialtext take it to the next level. This software known as “social software” allows business owners to create a social platform that links to their vendors, customers and employees. Some of the main goals of the software are to “communicate more effectively and develop more productive relationships between colleagues, customers, and partners.

As business owners we are constantly looking for the latest resources that will keep us fresh, productive, and profitable. When we use technology to create a community that will allow us to empower our virtual teams and vendors to be more effective then it can make our business lives more pleasant and enriched.

A virtual assistant can be a great addition to your virtual team. Contact us today to learn more about working with a VA!


What are you doing to work more effectively with your virtual team? Please share your tips and ideas below.

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