Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up your time in processing whatever project you are currently working on. The less your fingers are leaving the keyboard the quicker you will find you will get your projects done. So, I’ve compiled a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts for you to use as a cheat sheet.

The ones I use most frequently are used for editing text:

CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+X = Cut
CTRL+V = Paste
CTRL+Z =  Undo
CTRL+B = Bold
CTRL+U = Underline
CTRL+I = Italic

Others I commonly use and find useful:

ALT+Tab = Tab between open programs
CTRL+Tab = Tab between child windows (i.e. Chrome/IE is open w/multiple windows you can easily switch between them with this key combo)
CTRL+F = Find/search for something within a document or page and some documents you can even replace what you find
WINDOWS+M = Minimize everything
SHIFT+WINDOWS+M = Undo minimize everything
WINDOWS+D = Minimize everything & show desktop as well as undo itself
WINDOWS+E = Windows Explorer

CTRL+ALT+DEL = Takes you to a screen that allows you to choose from many functions:

(Bypass CTRL+ALT+DEL with the shortcuts listed next to the functions.)

WINDOWS+L = Lock computer
WINDOWS = Switch User (Tap Windows button, then tab to Sleep button and use Arrows to choose option you desire.)
WINDOWS = Log Off (Tap Windows button, then tab to Sleep button and use Arrows to choose option you desire.)
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC = Start Task Manager

Windows or CTRL+ESC = Start Menu

windows buttonAnd of course the ever famous Windows button, but you don’t have to just click the button and then use your mouse you can also navigate that with your keyboard.

Tap the Windows button to open the Start Menu

The Tab button will move you through some of the options

User/Computer Name
Sleep button
User Guide
All Programs
Search Window

Once you land on the option you want to tap Enter and use the Arrow keys to navigate up or down then tap Enter again to make your selection. You can also use these navigation tips to move other similar windows such as Windows Task Manager, etc.

There are tons more of Windows Keyboard shortcuts, but these are the ones I use frequently and thought you  might find them helpful to. I have also prepared a simple cheat sheet of some of these shortcuts for you to download and use.

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