Why isn’t my site showing up in the search engines results?

Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

I get asked this question a lot, and because I am not an SEO expert I personally find it difficult to answer. I know if it’s not done right you will not show up. I know if it’s not followed through with you will not stay if you do show up. There are so many factors to consider when doing SEO and doing it right. I talk to experts repeatedly in this field and it’s really a complicated process for those of us who do not understand it completely. Not only do you have to understand it today, but you have to understand it as it changes. If you are familiar with Google’s algorithm’s at all then you know it changes frequently as they are constantly trying to improve on the search results you get when you search to ensure that you receive quality results.

Some SEO experts only provide the technical end side of things. While others provide a deeper level of support and actually will assist in writing your content, laying out a strategy, and more. Knowing what level of support is right for you is important. I found this article that might lend some help in choosing an SEO expert. It’s called “Is Your Site Missing from the Search Engines?” by Melanie Rembrandt of The Startup Nation Blog.

Understanding what SEO is and how to use it is important as well. Here’s an article called, “How To Do SEO Right” via PrintMag by Christopher Butler.

Here’s a great local company that can answer many of your questions in regards to SEO in general. Ask for Beverly and tell her Rhonda told you to call. She’s a great lady, and can be a very useful resource and LDR Interactive Technologies offers a wide range of SEO services.

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