Why choose MailChimp for your e-marketing campaign?

eblastseasyWhen I first started using MailChimp it was kind of klunky and not user friendly. Now, I was able to custom design your newsletter because I took the time to learn MailChimps code, but your average user would have no clue how to utilize MailChimp’s code nor have the desire to learn it. I mean you want things to be simple and just get done. Right? 

I know I get it. I’m a small business owner and while I do like a good challenge, sometimes I really just need things to be simple and to just work because let’s face it we’re all busy and have more important things to do than fiddle with something we don’t know how to use. 

The really cool thing about MailChimp now is it is super user friendly. They have already created templates and with the click of a mouse are easily customizable. 

MailChimp has a pretty decent FREE version as well, and in fact I use the free version all the time on clients email campaigns and it’s got everything you need for a basic email marketing campaign. Perfect for someone just getting started, and pretty robust for being a FREE version. 

Tracking and analytics, those dreaded words that so many hate, but are uber important to your business. MailChimp has decent tracking, that’s easy to read and understand as well as connects to Google analytics for the more in depth tracking. 

If you’re not sending out an email campaign why not get started with MailChimp? It has everything you need to get started and it’s easy. If you need help with sending your MailChimp campaign just click here and let us help. 

Do you use MailChimp? Tell us about your experience below in the comments.

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