My Take On What To Expect In 2014

We have seen many changes over the past year, and with the way technology rapidly grows we will see many new changes in 2014. Here is a short list of some of the things that I think we’ll see some of in 2014.

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Virtual Offices

The office landscape for SMB’s and entrepreneurs alike has definitly evolved. Some businesses have had to make cutbacks causing their employees to leap out on their own and working from their virtual offices, and some businesses have realized that allowing their employees to work from virtual offices is a better way of doing business.

Whatever their reasons virtual offices are popping up everywhere increasing the need for the proper tools, and placing a high demand on increasing mobile security. I anticipate we’ll see greater growth in the tools offered in 2014 for cloud computing options and more secure devices and options within these tools.

Story Telling

Story telling is as old as man kind. History shows that there are drawings in ancient tombs and caves all over  the world, fables, folktales, and fairytales have been passed down from generation to generation since only God knows when. While some were merely meant for entertainment, some were meant to ensure that history was passed to the next generation, but all were meant to create a connection to mankind in some form or another. Telling a story in business marketing can be a useful sales tool if done effectively, and I think we will see more of this in 2014.

Content Marketing

Content is everywhere and increasing in an alarming amount and can seem very overwhelming, but it seems many consumers are taking it all in. If you are providing content that is tailored to fit your audience’s wants, needs, and desires then they will read it. There are many different forms of content marketing from blogging to social media and perhaps all forms are not best suited to your needs, but you must at least test the market and see what works for your business. If you need some great content ideas read this article.


Resilience was a trend seen in 2013, and I believe we will see more of this in 2014 as businesses continue to try to find affordable and viable options to keep their businesses moving forward in 2014.

Mobile Friendly Websites

There is a boatload of money being spent via the internet today, and you do not want your business to miss out because your website was not mobile ready. So if you’re not sure if your website should be mobile ready or not think about the potential earnings or loss of earnings if you are not mobile ready.


Data will always be important. Nothing else matters if you don’t know how successful what you are doing is. So data is very important. I’m not a big data fan myself. I don’t exactly love numbers and struggle with reading and understanding them, but as a business owner it is my job to figure out what all this means.  Knowing your data is key to figuring out what your next step is in the growth of your business.

Customer Service 

In my book this last one is the most important and should always be the most important. I believe many businesses have gotten away from good customer service and have seen the error of this type of thinking, and many will return to better customer service However, I’m not sure enough businesses will do so in 2014, but added it here because I can’t stress enough how important this component is to your business. One way to help improve your customer service is to get feedback from your clients so you know what is on their minds.

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