What I’ve Learned As A Virtual Assistant Business Owner

I’ve learned a few things this month about myself as a virtual assistant business owner, and that’s that I really do have what it takes to run a business. “Wink” You know as a business owner especially when you’re new at it you sometimes or often in some cases doubt yourself and question your decisions. The road to starting a (virtual assistant) business is not easy for most. There’s the financial piece and if you’re familiar with my story – you know I started with nothing and lived in fear nearly daily of losing everything I had, but this business … thanks to God’s guidance and support of many wonderful people, was not only my financial salvation but my personal as well in a manner of speaking. 

It taught me many things about myself, and I learned that nothing was going to happen unless I reached out and made it happen. I also learned that my life, my decisions, my choices, they were mine and mine alone. I learned that if I don’t run my life then someone else will certainly be happy to run it for me, and I’m here to tell you I lived far too many years allowing others to decide my fate. Having a business has allowed me to blossom into who am I today. I’m not perfect by a long shot, but I’m honestly very happy with the way this journey has taken me and the person that I am becoming. 

This past month was super busy again. My virtual assistant business is booming! I’m still in awe at how much I’m growing and how busy I’ve been, and I think I’m officially past the new business stage.  I’m always watchful for my blessings and try to stay focused on those. I have a great team that supports me in so many ways. My lawyer Benjamin Cramer of Cramer Legal has been super at helping me travel the often complicated and confusing legal fields that my virtual assistant business needs to navigate. My mentor Amy Ostigny of Amy Ostigny Company has helped me to overcome myself and learn the wins of networking more fully. Although I’ve always called her my health and wellness coach, Geri Sue Sandor of Connect to Calm who recently transformed into a Chaos to Bliss coach, has been instrumental in helping me to navigate the chaos in my life. She has been there steering me through the mine fields of my personal battles as well as some of my business hurdles and has helped me to carve out this new woman that I am becoming. My dear friend and previous business manager Dixie Lee of Aspen Social Media has had my back and helped me to navigate many business decisions and helped me to keep my books in order even though she is no longer acting officially in this capacity as she has taken her business in a new direction she still supports me. My other virtual assistant team members from my intern Kellie to my VA subcontractors and web developer have all been a true blessing as they are simply amazing at what they do. They each bring unique personalities and skill sets to the table and without them my business wouldn’t be what it is. I’m just feeling overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness and wanted to share that today. 

I got to go on my first official business trip this past month to Knoxville, TN to attend two events. One was the Knoxville eWomen Network luncheon and the other was the Marketing and PR workshop given by Amy Ostigny and Colleen Weitmarschen of The Strategic Connectors. I had the honor and privilege of being able to travel with these two beautiful woman and I have to tell you they are simply amazing. Riding in the car for several hours with someone gives you a lot of time to get to know them, and learning more about them on such a personal level has given me so much respect and admiration for them both. We truly had a blast and ladies if you’re reading this thanks for making the trip so exciting! 


While in Knoxville I had the opportunity to meet many more of fabulous eWomen Network members. I heard their stories, learned about their businesses, and of course was able to share mine. A beautiful lady, Theresa Macke, Invited us to her very intriguing and beautiful home after the eWomen luncheon and several of the other woman where present. We were there for quite a while and got to know each of them a bit better than you would at the events. So many amazing stories and woman. I’m always super amazed when I hear their stories and the struggles each of them had to overcome to get to where they are today. It’s awe inspiring and so motivational. If other woman can do it then so can rest of us ladies. So keep your heads up high and keep your eye on the ball because with a little determination, hard work, and sticktoitiveness you too can realize your dreams. 

Looking forward to another prosperous month and wishing you ALL the same! Much love, happiness, joy, and may God bless each and every one of you!


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