Has your website gone stagnant?

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No matter what type of website you have it is far too easy for your content to go stagnant. It is important to remember that you need to keep fresh content on your site.

Most websites these days are technically static websites which means that they just sit there with no real fresh content. There are a few things you can do if you have a static site to refresh it and keep that content flowing.

A blog is a good way to provide fresh content and SEO friendly content to your site. Not everyone enjoys writing, but there are some simple things you can do if you don’t like to write that might make all the difference in the world to help you keep fresh content on your site.

Video and/ podcast can be easily recorded and uploaded either directly to your website (depending on your website) or a video or podcast hosting site like YouTube for videos or PodBean for podcasts. (Both are FREE hosting sites). Once you’ve completed your video or podcast you can then have it transcribed and post the video or podcast on your website’s blog along with the transcript.

If you do enjoy writing and want to write your posts that is great. You can also add video or podcast’s to those posts as well if you want. Try to add something new every week or the very least a couple times a month. It can be kind of daunting at first, but just keep practicing at your preferred blogging method and eventually it will become as comfortable as an old pair of Levi’s.

Another great way to add fresh content to your site is to write a monthly newsletter. It doesn’t have to be complicated or long just a little something you put out every month. Only post part of the content on the newsletter and then post the entire article from the newsletter to your blog and link out to your website’s blog from the newsletter.

I am currently writing a weekly tip that I record to video, upload to YouTube, and then embed it on my website along with the transcript. That brings something weekly to my site. Then I write a monthly newsletter with one main article that gets published to the blog (sometimes I have an extra article, but focus on one main article). I email the newsletter with the main article linked out to my blog. I also post the entire newsletter to my website. This brings monthly content to my blog. Then I try to write extra blog posts and upload them as they are done or appropriate. Sometimes I keep the content saved in my ‘not published’ folder to use for a future date.  So I have weekly content, monthly content, and then a few extras here and there.

When I first started I had trouble deciding what to write about or how to write about it. Coming up with topics can be tricky at first for some of us. It was for me, but I read lots of other people’s content. Joined newsletters, read the social forums, and jotted down ideas as I was reading. Then I come back to those ideas at a later date and turn them into some form of content to add to my site.

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