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Benefits of Working with a VA

Aiding small business owners, entrepreneurs, and your teams in many, if not all of your projects or tasks

Backup for when you or your team are not available. Going on vacation or out of town for a conference and won’t be available for email? No problem as we can check your email account daily to respond to urgent requests. At the same time, we can delete the junk/spam, sort and file non-urgent emails according to importance, reducing the amount of work waiting upon your return to the office. We can also check your voicemails, transcribe them, and provide a full report categorized by order of importance when you return. If urgent situations arise, we can return calls on your behalf. 

Customer relationships are the most essential piece of any business and cultivating those relationships are of the utmost importance. We help foster those relationships by representing you as the company’s assistant and nurturing those relationships through follow-ups and being available to customers when they have questions or concerns

Delegation is important for the small business owner/entrepreneur. Knowing what to delegate and learning to do it effectively, will save you time and money. Delegate tasks you don’t like doing or don’t know how to do so you can focus on the tasks that will generate more money. 

Executive level support and a highly qualified, trained team of professionals at your side. 

Flexibility is an essential word in the vocabulary of every small business owner/entrepreneur. Partnering with a virtual assistant frees up your time, allowing you to focus on more pressing or demanding tasks on your plate as well as giving you more time to spend with family or in leisure activities. 

Guiding you … the business owners/entrepreneurs and your teams through processes and procedures to create systems and strategies that work. 

Helping you to achieve a healthier work – life balance. We realize you started your own business so you could do things your way and have all the things you wanted in life. We also realize you may not have anticipated the business to be so demanding of your time. Take the next step and partner with a virtual assistant that will provide the freedom and flexibility you always dreamed of as a business owner or entrepreneur. 

Innovative, out of box thinking will help your business move into the future. We are always seeking new and pioneering ways to create better systems and strategies. 

Just-In-Time (JIT) is a term used to describe a manufacturing system in which materials and components are delivered immediately before they are required, in order to increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimize storage costs. Similar to our virtual assistant services, we are here when you need us … Just-In-Time, to manage your projects and reduce overhead by eliminating the need for in-house staff. 

Knowledgeable – As business owners ourselves we are always learning new skills and staying abreast of the latest technologies and business practices through courses, self-training, experience, and research. 

Leadership is knowing what’s worth doing. A leader has the ability to identify what’s best for everyone. An effective leader is intelligent, adjustable, assertive, and conscientious, open to experience, honest, and has great business and personal ethics and morals. A leader is a good follower also; taking directions and criticism well, and is willing to admit when they are wrong. A good leader should also be a good manager. We highly value strong leadership abilities among our team members as well as the ability to follow and manage. 

Mutual company – while we might not be a legal member or partner in your business, we will treat it as if we are. Your business is just as important to us as ours. 

Non-disclosure agreement is signed by all clients and team members of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC in order to ensure your confidential information remains confidential. 

Operating a business can become challenging and overwhelming when the projects begin to pile up. We help to smooth out this process by leading you and your team through each phase of the project and seeing it through to completion. 

Partnering with a virtual assistant provides small business owners/entrepreneurs with professional services without hiring and training new staff, providing benefits, or purchasing additional equipment. 

QuestionnairesAre you getting feedback from your clients? If not, let us help you create questionnaires, surveys, and collect the data for you. We can also receive feedback via our conversations with your customers and make note of any compliments, complaints, concerns, or suggestions which will also aid in creating better customer relationships and quality services or products. 

Representative for your company that is professional, quick, sharp, and savvy. Not only will we represent you to your customers, but we can represent you to the rest of your business world as well (outside contacts: sales, freelancers, other professionals) to get your projects or goals met. 

Supporting you and your team when needed. You may not need an in-house assistant or it may not fit in with your working arrangement. We are the perfect fit for this scenario, quickly and easily filling the gap for your business.  We provide the same services as an in-house assistant but with more flexibility and with an eye to your needs and your budget. 

Teachers and teachable – we can provide training on new skills when needed and we are of course, very teachable ourselves. Often, we are asked how to do something and we can either schedule a one-on-one with you or we can create a short training video(s). 

Uptime is the time period when a computer or other machinery is operational and available for use. Let me ask you … what does the uptime of your business look like? Are you fully operational or are you so busy things are slipping through the cracks? If you find yourself in this position, then your business’ uptime may be suffering, therefore so is your cash flow, customer relationships, and even more. Increase your ROI, cash flow, improve customer relationships and create a better uptime for your business. 

Virtual support for you and your business means projects and tasks are accomplished on time and on budget. 

Working together with you to create an environment that is conducive for productivity and creativity. 

X-efficiency is the ability to produce maximum output at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible. We work with you to increase output in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.   

Your way … we will work with you to learn your habits, ideas, sensitivities and preferred methods of communications, and work with you to make you feel comfortable. At times, we may make suggestions or recommendations to improve our working relationship and hope you will keep an open mind. Our ultimate goal is for you, our client, to feel comfortable and we will work closely with you to ensure that you do. 

Zip Code – It doesn’t matter your location, we work with people throughout the United States.

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