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 A Word from Rhonda

What a great month! I have been taking an internship to further my training. Loving it! I have been super busy for the most part, and looking forward to applying my new skills to my business very soon. ~Rhonda


Tracey Lawton ~ Online Business Development Strategist

Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~ Rhonda Holscher, Owner, CVP

Independence Day 

Independence Day is a very important day in the history of the United States. We as Americans take this holiday very seriously as it marks a moment in history that gave us our independence. Without boring you with all the details you have heard numerous times in your life I just want to say that we should consider our blessings this Independence Day and remember as we are celebrating our independence the purpose of our celebrations and please celebrate safely this 4th of July!

3 Simple Steps to Taking Time Away from Your Business 

When you’re constantly working on and in your business you forget to schedule in some down time for yourself. The summer is the perfect time to take that downtime, especially if it means taking a vacation somewhere nice.

But then there’s always the worry that if you’re not involved in your business on a daily basis that things will fall apart and you won’t have any business to come back to when you return. Today I’d like to share with you three simple steps… Read more…

Small Business Start-up Budget – Does your business have a budget?

Are you ready to get your business off the ground? Do you have a budget yet? If not then you should create a budget before you start your business. I found this great website with excellent small business solutions, and it offers tips on creating a budget and a FREE Excel Template for creating your small business budget.

To read the article called – How To: Create a Business Budget – by: Jen Udan | ChooseWhat.com click here.

VA Monthly Tips

Q: What if I need services that are not provided by my VA / virtual assistant or my VA’s / virtual assistant’s team?

A: Your VA / virtual assistant will do their best to fulfill your task requests, and if they or their team is not able to provide a service you need then your VA / virtual assistant can assist you in finding a VA / virtual assistant or other professional who can provide that service to you. Your VA / virtual assistant can also oversee the project for you and ensure that the VA / virtual assistant or other professional that is working on your project completes it in a timely and professional manner while still allowing you to use your time the way you need to.


Current Industry Trends: Google Cloud/Sync 

Google docs were already gaining popularity and now they have taken it to the cloud. The new cloud technology allows you to sync your documents directly from MS Office and it’s easier more than ever now to share your documents and allow multiple people to edit them. Best of all it is FREE for all to use.

Software Picks: Roboform Everywhere

Roboform is a password program that allows you to put an add-on in your web browser and on your smart phone’s web browser. Roboform Everywhwere allows you to use this across multiple PC’s and making it incredibly easy to save your passwords to all of your sites and your client’s sites and log in with no or with one main password to access all of your accounts and at an affordable rate.

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