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Upcoming Events / Offers

Business Forms & Contracts  CD-1 & Business Directory Database CD-2 Bundle

The CD Bundle gives you the option of purchasing both CDs without the Certified Virtual Professional’s Success Toolkit.

CD-1 is packet with source documents created in Word, Excel and Publisher.

CD-2 packs a punch with a dynamic database of web resource directories. These directories purchased separately could easily run $200+.

$129.00  Sale Price


FaithLeaps ~ Alyssa Avant, Owner

Small Business Success Strategist ~ Kate Powers, Owner

Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office

Gone are the days of the secretary!

Gone are the days of the Secretary! This role has evolved into an Administrative Assistant, and that role is increasingly being replaced by the VA (Virtual Assistant).

Secretaries played a part in the office offering basic office skills such as typing, dictation, filing, and even getting coffee for the boss. The Secretary role evolved into Administrative Assistant as computers and new technologies became more prevalent in the workforce. Now the VA is becoming more prevalent along with new and improved computers and with the increased use of the internet. Read more…

Taking the Leap of Faith

Everything in me said “don’t do it” but for some reason I knew I was supposed to.  Nothing really made sense about it, yet I knew it was from God.  What you’re wondering, the leap of faith I was about to take.  Though it was hard to rationalize, understand or see clearly I knew I had to take it. I was going to “step out of my comfort zone and into God’s hands”.  I was going to let go of my life and put it into God’s hands. Read more…

Small Business Solutions for Your Business

For many of us, networking is crucial to the success of our business. It’s how we meet potential clients/customers, as well as learn information from our fellow entrepreneurs that can help propel us forward.

So how is your networking going for you? Are you getting the results you want? How is your ROI for your networking time?

Let’s look at what may be sabotaging your efforts.

Here are a few “must do” actions for effective networking: Read more…

VA Monthly Tips

Q: I started my business a while ago and it seems I am either very busy or am scraping by. When I am busy, my family is miserable but when I am not busy, there is not enough money. How do I even things out?

A: As women entrepreneurs, we struggle on a daily basis with juggling home, family, business, self, and so much more.
It is common to be in the feast or famine cycle until you realize what needs to change.

First I would suggest you look at the big picture. In order to be consistent in your business you need to be consistent with your marketing. Then to manage your family while you have consistent business coming in requires organization and a plan.

As a business strategist, I place a large emphasis on planning and systems for everything. I have a chart on my fridge with each “key step” my daughter needs to take each morning and evening. This is crucial to our hectic mornings running smoothly. We also spend time each evening preparing by making her lunch and laying out her clothes to help things along further.

Spending the time planning for your business is time well spent. You should be looking at the next 12 months at a minimum when planning your overall marketing strategy. Map it out and see where all the pieces connect and help achieve your end goal.

Finally, I would say to create healthy boundaries. This is a major key to happiness and success for the big picture and long term. Anyone can create a JOB for themselves but it takes boundaries to create a healthy business and a happy life.

Boundaries come in the form of business hours and family time, scheduling your work tasks and creating a marketing plan that supports your goals. Boundaries also mean you learn to say “no” which can be hard for some to do.

I learned these truths over the 18 years of entrepreneurship and from the many women business owners I have worked with.

Q & A provided by:
Kate Powers, Small Business Success Strategist


Current Industry Trends: Mobile Marketing

Is mobile marketing going to be the next big marketing tool? I’ve been reading lots of articles on this very subject and according to popular theories mobile marketing is getting ready to boom. So keep your eyes and ears pealed for advice and trends on mobile marketing.

Software Pick: Mozy

Mozy offers automatic online backup solutions for your home or business. At an affordable rate starting at just $3.95 plus $0.50 per GB Mozy is an excellent solution to avoid those catastrophic losses on your PC. Don’t take any chances and check out Mozy today!

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