July 2015 – 57th Edition

In this issue…

  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Vacations & Conferences – Are you planning ahead?
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: Your Domain Privacy is At Risk
  • Software Pick: Gmail – The New Inbox


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Upcoming Events / Announcements / Promos

The Sophisticated Diva

The Sophisticated Diva

Pageant, Fashion Show, Black Dress Fundraiser
Bella Vino Wine
6064 W Chester Rd., West Chester, Township, OH 45069
JULY 7, 2015, 6 – 9:30 PM

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image by RVO

image by RVO





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Do you have an event or special offer that would be relevant to small business owners or entrepreneurs to list here? If so contact EditorialTeam@RhondasVirtualOffice.com today.


A word from Rhonda…

2015-06-27_003450It seems that vacationing has officially kicked off as per usual for this time of year things slow down a bit in the office in regards to client work as everyone is out of town. If there is one thing I could impart on my vacationing clients and subscribers to this newsletter is that this is not the time to cut back on your support team – whoever they might be. While you’re on vacation your clients, your emails, websites and all those other daily tasks you have on your to do list still need tended to.  Read more  →

Don’t click that link! – Friendy Reminder on Viruses

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Recently my PC got a virus. How? Well, my IT department tells me by clicking on a link. Here’s the thing … I’m very careful about what links I click on. I only click on links that are from people or companies I trust. The most likely culprit for me to click on a dangerous link would be Facebook or Twitter because that is where I would click on that cute kitten or puppy video, or to read that article you shared. That being the case would present the scenario that someone in my circle shared a link that allowed me to get a virus on my PC.   Read more  →

VA Monthly Tips – Q & A

Your questions and our answers go here. Just send them in.



Current Industry Trends: Your Domain Privacy is At Risk

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Are you a small business owner who works from home? Then you may especially be interested in protecting your domain privacy. ICANN is discussing taking away our domain privacy in order to make it easier for those who want your information to get it. Now, there are scenarios where someone might want or need it legitimately, but we all know there are those who might present a serious threat for us and do we want to make it easier for them to get our …   Read more  →

Software Pick: Gmail – The New Inbox

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Some of you I’m sure are already aware of Gmail’s new inbox. It’s not mandatory to switch and they made it so that you can easily switch back if you don’t like it. It really depends on how you use Gmail as to what you’ll do with this new inbox. Now, I did an initial test of it and they may have fixed some of the issues I found already as they are working on some things, but some things it is my understanding that the new inbox is not meant to address.   Read more  →

This edition of #TheVASource: Gmail's new inbox, Domain Privacy, and Happy 4th! Click To Tweet
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