April 2015 – 54th Edition

In this issue…

  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Training Issues – OH MY!
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Software Pick: Why choose MailChimp for your e-marketing campaign?


Upcoming Events / Offers

LOGOStandingKayFittes9-22-12X13MediumRGBKick Start Your High-Heeled Success
Speaker: Kay Fittess
Cost: Early Bird Registration $149 / After April 3rd $179
When: Saturday, April 18th, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Crowne Plaza Cincinnati Blue Ash

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A word from Rhonda…

Rhonda HolscherI’ve learned a few things this month about myself as a virtual assistant business owner, and that’s that I really do have what it takes to run a business. “Wink” You know as a business owner especially when you’re new at it you sometimes or often in some cases doubt yourself and question your decisions. The road to starting a (virtual assistant) business is not easy for most. There’s the  …  Read more  →


Training Issues – OH MY!

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

I want to talk today about training issues. See I’ve been on ALL ends of this block. I’ve been the peon, low man on the totem pole, bottom feeder, what have you. I’ve also been the employee-boss as well as the owner-boss and the owner-working as independent contractor for clients. So I’ve had the opportunity to see this “training issue” from many different perspectives.  Read more  →

VA Monthly Tips

Article by Kay Fittes Founder | CEO of High-Heeled Success, LLC

Multi-tasking is not a desirable skill.  In certain situations, it’s true that multitasking can be beneficial, but research has shown that extended multitasking splinters your focus and overall productivity.  This is especially true when it comes to media multitasking.  Researchers at Stanford University in 2009 found that multitasking between phones, tablets and laptops slowed down work processes, increased mistakes, and scattered participant attention to multiple …    Read more  →

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Software Pick: Why choose MailChimp for your email marketing campaign?

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

When I first started using MailChimp it was kind of klunky and not user friendly. Now, I was able to custom design your newsletter because I took the time to learn MailChimps code, but your average user would have no clue how to utilize MailChimp’s code nor have the desire to learn it. I mean you want things to be simple and just get done. Right?  Read more  →

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