July 2014 – 45th Edition

In this issue…

  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Relationship Marketing – The Low Down
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: Google My Business
  • Software Pick: GogTasks


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Upcoming Events / Offers.

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A word from Rhonda…

Rhonda Holscher

These past few months have been challenging for me emotionally speaking when it comes to my business. Last month I wrote about Growing Pains and then BAM just like that the business took a few steps backwards. My personal life experiences has taught me not to trust …   Read more  →




Relationship Marketing – The Low Down

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Relationship Marketing is not just about selling your services it’s about building solid and successful relationships. The most successful relationships that I have personally had were ones where I could truly serve the other person.  The same holds true in my business. If I can make that connection and figure out the best way to serve my client’s needs then I will be way ahead of the curve. Serving others I believe, is meant to be the core of our existence. Having a servants heart … Read more  →

VA Monthly Tips

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Q :  How can I prevent my emails from getting so confusing?

A :   When using email as a communication tool it’s best to list the subject clearly in the subject line. Speak only about that topic in the email. This way you can easily track down and locate that conversation. I know it’s tempting, and it seems like the easier thing to do is send several topics in one email (believe me I know as I’ve been guilty more often than I should be), but … Read more  →


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Current Industry Trends: Google My Business

Article by Dixie Lee, Owner of Aspen Social Media, LLC

Every small business owner needs a well-equipped toolbox for managing their business. Another excellent tool became available with the recent launch of Google My Business. And the good news, it’s free.  Read more  →

Software Pick: GogTasks

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Sync Google tasks with Outlook Tasks

If you’re looking for a solution to sync your Google tasks with Outlook then this nifty little tool just may be what you’re looking for. GogTasks does just what it says it does. It’s a simple little task sync tool, but does it what it’s supposed to and does it well.   Read more  →


#SMB email tips, tools, & more for your small business. Tweet This!
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