March 2014 – 41st Edition


In this issue…

  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Virtual Assistant ABC’s
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: Don’t Make These Internet Mistakes


Upcoming Events / Offers

SMALL BUSINESS expo has many different events in different locations. Learn more →
Small Business TRENDS has many different events in different locations. Learn more →
Cintrifuse has many upcoming events for Cincinnati’s SMB’s & Entrepreneurs. Learn more →


Do you have an event or special offer that would be relevant to small business owners or entrepreneurs to list here? If so contact today.


A word from Rhonda…


Even though February was a short month it sure felt like a long one. My grandmother is very ill and was on life support, we had the flu running through our house, and my little ladybug broke her arm. As is the way of life sometimes. We of course survived the month, and are looking forward to March …  Read more  →



Virtual Assistant ABC’s

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Benefits of Working with a VA

Aiding small business owners, entrepreneurs, and your teams in many, if not all of your projects or tasks

Backup for when you or your team are not available. Going on vacation or out of town for a conference and won’t be available for email? No problem … Read more  →

VA Monthly Tips

Article by Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO of Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC

Q :  Does my website really need to be mobile friendly?

A :  Yes, if you want to be available to the majority of your customers in a way they like to interact with your website. I know I’ve said this before, and it’s worth mention again. If your website is not mobile ready, friendly, or responsive in some way then you may be missing out on tons of possible sales ops. I’m bringing it up again because even with it’s growing popularity I’m still seeing far to many websites that are not mobile ready. According to this study 75% of users prefer mobile-friendly sites, and if you read the rest of the survey you will see the numbers are quite high for those who will leave your site and not return because it’s not mobile friendly. Get on board and don’t miss out!


Do you have any questions you would like to see answered here? Please email them to and be sure to include your name, email, and website link for credit. We will publish and answer your question in an upcoming issue.



Current Industry Trends: Don’t Make These Internet Mistakes

Article by RevLocal Editorial Team, RevLocal

Proper use of SEO techniques is essential for small businesses to broaden their client base and increase profits. It can also be overwhelming. There are several mistakes that small businesses unknowingly make that hurt their SEO rankings and reduce their traffic. The following list will help you know what to steer clear of, so you can focus your SEO efforts on what really works. Read more  →

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