February 2011 – 4th Edition

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  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Contributors
  • I’m a virtual assistant. Do I need a virtual assistant?
  • My virtual assistant has a virtual assistant? Is that really necessary?
  • Break it Down
  • Project Management
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: Niche Marketing
  • Software Pick: Fast Stone Screen Capture

Upcoming Events / Offers

Savvy Subcontracting Call

Join Collette Schultz and others for the monthly Savvy Subcontracting call on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Go to: http://savvysubcontracting.com

A word from Rhonda…

Celebrating one year in business this month!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What lies within you? I do a lot of soul searching in order to make sure that I am upholding the morals and ethics I believe in.



Backroads Business Solutions ~ Dixie Lee, Owner, VBA

Rhonda Holscher, Owner | CEO ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office

I’m a Virtual Assistant. Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

Of course you don’t have to have a virtual assistant for yourself, but let me tell you it sure is nice to have someone back you up when you have overflow, you or your kids are sick, or perhaps your Client has a project that you are not comfortable doing. Read more…

My virtual assistant uses a virtual assistant is this really necessary?

If your virtual assistant is smart she has at least one other virtual assistant that can back her up. Being a virtual assistant can be very demanding at times and it is a good idea to have at least one backup virtual assistant for your virtual assistant’s business. Read more…

Break it Down

“Whatever you’re working on, take small bites. The task will not be overwhelming if you can reduce it to its smallest component.” ~Richard Russo, author

Being a virtual assistant / WAHM it is important that I find ways to ‘Break it Down’ to ‘Get it Done’.

Get An Early Start Being a WAHM leaves me busy with children in the AM. So I must get up early to beat the commotion and noise. Get up early and get to your office whether it’s at home or in a ‘brick-n-mortar’ job be the first one there when it’s quiet and get started on your day when you can focus more easily on what you need to. Read more…

Project Management

Aceproject.com is a great project management system that is free to use. Yes it’s has it’s limit on the amount of space, but if you are a new entrepreneur or starting your own business then Aceproject.com is a great place to assist you with your project management needs. Read more…

VA Monthly Tips

Q :  Did you know?

A : Your copier has a hard drive and stores information that can be easily accessed once removed. Be sure to protect yourself, your business, and your Clients from possible information theft.

Check with your local computer store or computer repair store to see what is the best way to let go of your old equipment and
protect the information on it.

Do you have any questions you would like to see answered here? Please email them to Subscriptions@RhondasVirtualOffice.com and be sure to include your name, email, and website link for credit. We will publish and answer your question in an upcoming issue.


Current Industry Trends: Niche Marketing

A trend being seen in the virtual assistance industry is niche marketing which enables the VA to focus on a specific market such as real estate, authors, or transportation.~Dixie Lee

Software Pick: FastStone Screen Capture

Faststone Screen Capture offers scrolling windows to custom cropped images of your screen shots.

It’s easy to use and it downloads a little box that doesn’t take much space on your desktop. Try Faststone screen capture today!

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