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  • Are you establishing yourself as an expert in your industry?
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Upcoming Events / Offers

WEBINAR: Web Essentials for 2013

Presentor : Allan McNabb
When : This is already past, but can be viewed at the links below.
Length : 26.50 minutes

Watch NOW on YouTube or Google+

A word from Rhonda…



Grace made this for me.

Okay, so December was a crazy busy month. All good, right? Loving it!! I brought in 3 new clients and one is from right here in good old Cinci – my home town. I’m writing this in advance because I’m taking holiday. I’ve been off for a week with my kiddos and enjoying family and friends through the holidays. Lots of stuff going on here in the Holscher household. Visits with Santa Claus, Christmas shopping, time with family, lots of crazy laughing, remembering the reason for Christmas is all about the birth of Christ and taking advantage of the Christmas story to impress upon my kiddos the importance of his birth. Christmas is a special time of year for my family, and I truly enjoy this time I get to spend with them. I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as well, and have a safe and

Happy New Year! Rhonda


Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office

Are you establishing yourself as an expert in your industry?

Being an expert isn’t enough. You have to prove it! You have to showcase your knowledge and skills to your target market if you want to be a leader in your industry.

Be in the Know

Knowing what’s going on before everyone else does is important to helping you establish yourself as an expert. If you know what’s going to happen first then you can tell about it first and you become the go to source for information thus establishing your expertise. Read more… 

VA Monthly Tips

Q :  Are you familiar with the Energy Star program?

A Buying / purchasing equipment with the blue and white Energy Star sticker you can use 10 – 50% less energy. This can add up to a lot of energy conservation in larger offices. Which will add to some serious savings, and help the overall conservation of energy in our nation.

Do you have any questions you would like to see answered here? Please email them to Subscriptions@RhondasVirtualOffice.com and be sure to include your name, email, and website link for credit. We will publish and answer your question in an upcoming issue.


Current Industry Trends: Context

Context as opposed to content is said to be the new reigning king of marketing for 2013. Content being the material you present, but context is the who, what, and how of the presentation of the content. Who are you targeting? What problems are you solving? How are you solving them? Your clients or prospects demand to know what you can do for them, and you have to show them. 

Software Pick: Cards

Cards is an app for iPod, iPhone, or iPad users. The app is free to download and only cost $2.99 plus postage to send a card. You can create many different types of cards for many occasions and send right from your device. I tested it on a few Christmas cards this past month from my iPad, and it works great.

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