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  • The Importance of Protecting Your Website, Hosting and Domain Name!
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Upcoming Events / Offers

Intellectual Property – Trademark Issues Online

This webinar is already past, but here is the link to the recording. In today’s online world this issue is becoming more prevalent. So I thought it was worth sharing.

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A word from Rhonda…

This has been another great month! Signed another new client, and worked on several websites. Very exciting! I really enjoy the website work I’ve been doing. Especially the challenges presented with the new website I’ve been working on for my new client. Learning a whole new theme. Looking forward to another great month in November and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! ~Rhonda


Elizabeth Whittaker, Owner ~ Renegade Virtual Services

Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office

The Importance of Protecting Your Website, Hosting and Domain Name!

The holidays are upon us, and you’re ready for business and to help those business owners. But one thing prevents you from getting new clients – your site is down! That’s a fine mess that any business owner can get themselves into! Read more…

Article by Elizabeth Whittaker

VA Monthly Tips

Don’t burn out!

With the holidays right around the corner – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years – we all need to take a step back and take a deep breath. The holidays can be very stressful, and for us small business owners, we can get overwhelmed trying to do it all alone. Remember to take a break and go easy on yourself this holiday season. The holidays are much more fun if you’re not stressed out.

Read this blog post to learn how a virtual assistant can assist you this holiday season: Want to destress instead of stress this holiday season?


Current Industry Trends: iPad Mini

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Apple has announced and has been showing off the new iPad Mini. From the looks of it, I think Apple users will be pretty pleased. I found this great review of the iPad Mini here. Check it out!

Software Pick: SyncMate Expert Edition

SyncMate Expert Edition by Eltima Software for iPad allows you to sync across multiple devices and not just your Apple devices. It will sync with your PC’s, Androids, Nokia’s, Window’s Mobile, and Blackberry devices as well. SyncMate also works with your cloud base services such as iCloud, Google, and DropBox.

SyncMate Expert Edition does come with a price tag of $39.95, but offers a FREE edition. To learn more about SyncMate click here.

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