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  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
  • Contributors
  • Working Virtually: Overcoming Phonenobia and Emailitis
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: Social Media is Still Huge
  • Software Pick: Side by Side

Upcoming Events / Offers

I’ve recently been attending The Business Network or TBN networking meetings and functions. It’s a great place to come out and network with other businesses, to learn, and to grow your own. For a complete list of meeting locations, dates, and times visit this link.

A word from Rhonda…

Another great month! I’m still going to these great networking meetings and events. I attended my first B2B Max through TBN (The Business Network), and it was awesome. They held the event at Costco which was super cool of Costco to provide us with a location for the event. To get started we were served breakfast and coffee/juice and we were able to mingle and get to know one another for a bit, then we had a little introduce yourself circle, and then we broke off into small groups that were focused on a particulate topic that was geared toward helping all learn something new, grow their business, and make connections. Truly an awesome experience and I learned a great deal!

Business is going really well, and I’m looking forward to October to being yet another month of continued growth.


Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~ http://RhondasVirtualOffice.com

Working Virtually: Overcoming Phonenobia and Emailitis

When working virtually it is far too easy to hide behind our computers. Sometimes we have to step out and overcome our fears. As virtual assistants we too sometimes struggle with these phenomena, but being in the field that we have chosen for ourselves we all must overcome our own doubts and fears. As virtual assistants we have taught ourselves to overcome them, and a good virtual assistant will be able to help you with the areas that you struggle with. Read more…

VA Monthly Tips

Q: Did you know?

A: Your copier has a hard drive and stores information that can be easily accessed once removed. Be sure to protect yourself, your business, and your Clients from possible information theft.

Check with your local computer store or computer repair store to see what is the best way to let go of your old equipment and protect the information on it.


Current Industry Trends: Social Media

Social Media is still a huge trend. Many are using it from teeny boppers to retirees and business professionals of all calibers in between. Yet there are still some critics out there.

There are some that say it can’t be proven it works or it’s a big a waste of time and marketing professionals get all hot and bothered when social media people call themselves social media marketing experts and swears this is where you have to be. There is still a lot of debate on the issue.

I cannot call myself a marketing professional nor can I call myself a social media expert, but what I think is that if our Clients are there then we should be too. Are your Clients using social media? I bet most of them are in some form or another. So the key here is to find out where they hang out and go hang out with them. Just like you would at a real live face-to-face networking event you need to be where your Clients are. Same rule applies to all marketing matters and anything that concerns growing your business.

If you are not meeting your Clients somewhere then someone else will. Do you want to lose your Clients because you failed to simply be where they were? What do you think? I would love to hear from you. Email your thoughts and I’ll publish them in an upcoming issue of The VA Source.

Software Pick: Side by Side

If you are an iPad fan then this little app might be appealing to you. It’s called Side by Side by Bao Lei and I only just installed it. I’m already seeing the benefits this app might bring.

Everyone who uses an iPad knows you cannot open up browser and app windows side by side. Well with this beauty you can open up to 4 different browser windows at one time, plus it has a few extra features like note taking and Dropbox support. Now I am only testing the free version right now, but if it continues to show this much promise I see a full purchase in my future. Now if I could just find an app for the apps to open up side by side.

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