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  • If Disaster Strikes – Are You Ready?
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  • Current Industry Trends: Startupstay
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Upcoming Events / Offers

Choosing a Retirement Plan Solution for Your Business

Wednesday, August 8 at 12 PM ET 

Presented by: Edward Baier – Employee Plans Group Manager, Jennifer Widmann – Employee Plans Revenue Agent, Orin Williams – Employee Plans Revenue Agent at Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
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This webinar is FREE to members and non-members

A word from Rhonda…

This month has been a great month! I have been exploring new networking opportunities and meeting some really great people.  In the short time I have been attending these new networking meetings and events I have made some great connections which I feel will help to grow my business. If you aren’t networking yet you should consider doing so. It is a great avenue to meet new people and grow your business.


Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~

Dixie Lee, Owner ~ Backroads Business Solutions ~

If Disaster Strikes – Are You Ready?

A month ago I watched in amazement as a wildfire roared down the mountainside and into the city turning people’s lives into chaos. Surprised by how quickly it moved many families were desperately trying to collect loved ones, pets, important documents, and heirlooms ahead of the fire. Read more…. 

Article by Dixie Lee , Owner/Operator of Backroads Business Solutions a company that is dedicated to helping you to do more and focus on things that matter. Dixie offers administrative solutions for the busy entrepreneur and small business owners. Check out what she can do for you today at

VA Monthly Tips

Q: What is a virtual assistant?

A: This question keeps coming back to me so I wanted to address it again today. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor and not an employee who owns and operates their own business from a remote location (thus the term virtual). Some virtual assistants‘ skill sets have evolved to include more than the traditional administrative functions in order to meet supply and demand. With the world of business revolving greatly online it is only natural that the virtual assistant role would adapt to this environment.  This need has expanded the role of the virtual assistant to include a variety of functions including but not limited to web services (social media, design, maintenance, etc.), bookkeeping, copy writing, project management, desktop publishing, and transcription. Of course each virtual assistant has their own unique skill set and this often leads to virtual assistants teaming up and working together in order to bring a wider array of services to their clients.

If you have a question you’d like to see answered here please send in to


Current Industry Trends: Startupstay

I don’t do a lot of travelling myself, but for those entrepreneurs out there who do a lot of travelling have you seen this? It’s called Startupstay. You can follow the link and request an invite while it’s still in beta version. What is it? Startupstay allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs or like-minded people that you can stay with while you travel instead of costly hotel fees. Interesting concept I think. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see how it works out.

Software Pick: CutePDF

CutePDF Writer software is a great tool that to use in my business to create a PDF document out of receipts, payment confirmations and anything else that can be printed. It is installed and used as a printer. Simply right-click to bring up the PRINT SCREEN and then select CutePDF. Check it out for yourself.

Software tip provided by: Dixie Lee of Backroads Business Solutions

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