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  • Why I Use Aweber Instead of Outlook to Manage My Lists
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  • Current Industry Trends: Entrepreneurship Leads to Bigger Demands on Business Coaching
  • Software Pick: eVoice & Smart Fax

Upcoming Events / Offers


2nd Annual NACWE Conference! A Virtual Tele-Summit

April 25, 26, and 27 of 2012

Jumpstart Your Business with the A.C.T.I.O.N. Formula for Success- Diane Cunningham

How to Use Joint Ventures to grow your business –  Kate Powers and Alyssa Avant

Kicking Off Your Own Affiliate Program – Cindy Rushton

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts – Pam Perry

Life is Too Short for a Long To-Do List- Kim Flynn

Four Critical Success Factors For (FINALLY) Writing Your Book – Jo Ann Fore

10 Easy Ways to Build Your List- Kelly Thorne Gore   

A word from Rhonda…

March was an amazing and eventful month both in my business and my personal life. I have truly enjoyed working as a project manager for one of my Clients, and have learned so much from this experience in just the last month. The group of ladies I have been working with are just amazing women! It is so nice to know that the people you work with are good Christian people. A team meeting that starts with prayer and pray over situations that arise in business is a great way to grow a business.

In my personal life as some of you may know I had a situation arise that grieved me greatly and broke my heart, but with amazing women like Coach Kate Powers I had amazing support and prayer. I have grown so much this past month it’s just amazing! God is truly awesome! Even in the direst times in our lives He never leaves us or forsakes us. I have been truly blessed, and looking forward to a very bright future both in my business and my personal life.

Also, looking forward to my 43 rd birthday April 3 rd . Spending a quiet evening at home with my kids, and whatever they have cooked up for me.   


Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~ http://RhondasVirtualOffice.com

Why I Use Aweber Instead of Outlook to Manage My Mailing Lists

When you don’t have the funds you do what have to do to make things work and that is how I’ve spent much of my business working around the funds trying to make them work their hardest for me. Outlook was already something I had available to use and so it was the most viable option for me in the beginning. Now that I have my funds up I can afford to work with Aweber. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I had played with MailChimp as it was one of the free options available, but just really found it difficult to work with. I couldn’t use my own template it just wouldn’t work with MailChimp and it’s much more confusing than Aweber for me. Although it’s my understanding if you have firm grasp on coding you might like the MailChimp interface better. Since we are not really discussing MailChimp today let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Outlook vs. Aweber. Read more 

VA Monthly Tips

Q: Are you a control freak?

A: Just let it go! Your virtual assistant is highly competent and you know they are because you contracted with them. You would not have contracted with them if you did not believe they were. Right? Let it go and let your virtual assistant handle the job for you so you can do yours.  

If you have any questions about working with a virtual assistant we would love to speak with you. Contact Rhonda at R.Holscher@RhondadsVirtualOffice.com or 1-877-501-5789 for your free 15 minute consultation today!


Current Industry Trends: Entrepreneurism Leads to Bigger Demand on Business Coaches 

2012-03-27_234034As more unemployed individuals are seeking a way out of the economic crisis they are facing; more and more people are leaning toward entrepreneurism. As the entrepreneurs come out of the framework there is an even bigger demand on business coaching.

There are many great coaches out there that specialize in certain niche markets, and these new entrepreneurs need someone to lead them through the struggles and “how to’s” of getting their businesses off the ground someone who can teach them the ropes and train them specifically in their desired niche.

It’s a great time to be a business coach, and I see more coaches popping up as well to meet these demands. 

Software Pick: eVoice & SmartFax

I recently started using eVoice and SmartFax . So far I am very impressed with them. They are very affordable, and offer plans that work in sync with each other. eVoice offers you the choice of a local number or a toll free number. They have plans that meet almost any budget. You get voicemail and extensions to help route your calls to the appropriate people. It does not matter if you work in the same office or an office across the nation. You can still have your calls routed to the appropriated person. Depending on your plan it also offers conference calling. eVoice comes with a smart little app you can install on your cell phone and allows you to make calls from you cell phone that shows your business number instead of your cell phone number.

SmartFax offers a very low rate for both sending and receiving faxes. The faxes are very similar to email when sending them. You simply log into your account and it looks very much like an email account. To create your fax you can create a cover page within SmartFax or you can create your own cover page via Word or other Word Processing program. Simply upload your documents to attach the fax and input your fax information and click send. It’s simple to use and affordable even on a shoestring budget.

Both software programs are great for businesses that are operated from home.

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