November 2011 – 13th Edition

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  • Upcoming Events
  • A Word From Rhonda
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  • So you’ve decided you CANNOT live without a virtual assistant. Now what?
  • VA Monthly Tips
  • Current Industry Trends: WordPress
  • Software Pick: Tungle

Upcoming Events / Offers

Virtual Assistants Get Found by
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Do you have the desire to partner with and support professional Speakers, Coaches and Authors? Are you currently niched with this dynamic group of professionals? Would you like to be? If so, get found on Charli Jane Speaker Services website by hundreds of Speaking Professionals looking to partner with a Virtual Assistant. Charli Jane Speaker Services provides a Speakers Virtual Assistant Directory on our site for outstanding, high-quality VA’s who desire to niche themselves in the Professional Speaking & Coaching Industry. Learn more here: Speakers Virtual Assistant Program or sign up for this RVO Reader’s Special now: Sign Me Up! Try it for 2 months for only $1, then continue at the very low rate of only $9 per month, or cancel anytime.

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A word from Rhonda…

So I’ve been working on making some changes and one of those changes was creating a new website with some help of course. If you haven’t visited my site yet please take a few minutes to jump on over there and give it a look. I would really love your comments on it!

 Don’t miss out! 

Many of you are only subscribers to my newsletter. I am starting a new weekly email on Make more, do more weekly tips. I promise to keep them short and sweet and I hope that you all find them very useful. So look for them coming soon!


Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~

So you’ve decided you CANNOT live without a Virtual Assistant. Now what?

Working with a virtual assistant can be a scary thing to do especially if this is your first time. You know that you have to release your control over your projects to someone you hardly know. You also know that you will be giving your virtual assistant proprietary information from time to time that is sensitive and possibly confidential. Here are just a few tips to help you get started with working with your virtual assistant. Read more…

VA Monthly Tips

Q: How do I know how much time my VA is spending on my work?

A: Your VA / virtual assistant can supply you with a Time Sheet upon your request to show you much time has been spent on each project.

At Rhonda’s Virtual Office we use TimeTracker to track our time and it provides us with reports that can be supplied to each client telling them the time spend on the project. Reports are prepared and sent you on a weekly or monthly basis upon your request.


Current Industry Trends: WordPress 

WordPress seems to be the place to be when it comes to websites. They offer really terrific themes that are easily managed by most, and Google seems to love them. They work well with and for hosting which are very affordable. If you need to a build a website give WordPress a  try. You will be able to create a very professional looking website that will wow your clients.

Software Pick: Tungle 

Tungle is a FREE online calendar that you can use to schedule appointments easily. It syncs with your Outlook and Google calendars well. There is this great little code you can use to embed it right into your website. Clients and others that wish to schedule an appointment with you can use that to easily request appointments. It allows them to see when you are available or not, and very simple to use.

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