September 2011 – 11th Edition

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Every business needs an accurate picture of their finances. Many small  businesses aren’t yet in a position to hire a bookkeeper or prefer to manage their finances themselves but don’t know how. This book was written with them in mind!

How to Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping



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A word from Rhonda…

It has been a busy month! Business is picking up, and I am still interning and learning WordPress. I am really enjoying the WordPress work that I have been doing. It is truly awesome. I found a new passion. Now I just have to learn it all. I have the basics down and I want to learn some of the fancier stuff now. So . . . if anyone needs help with their WordPress I would love to work with you on it. Looking forward to a busy month again in September and very excited about the new possiblities coming my way. Have a wonderful month and remember be positive in all things!



Sandi Krakowski ~ A Real Change ~

Rhonda Holscher, Owner ~ Rhonda’s Virtual Office ~

One of Today’s Hot Topics – Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette and rules are something you should take the time to familiarize yourself with. They are very common sense rules that will make your social media experience that much better.

You should always use a real picture of yourself. The picture I have displayed here is one I snapped with my webcam while I was working and use on many of my social media platforms. Get a camera or use your webcam to snap one and just make it nice. People want to see you – NOT your avatar.

Other things to consider when doing your social media: Read more...


Are you backing up your data?

Why is backing up your data important?

Backing up your data is important to protect against data loss. You never know when you might get a corrupted file, a computer virus, have a fire or flood; a storm knocks out your power or the many other things that can go wrong. You just might lose your data if you are not backing it up. Data loss could mean money lost and lost clients.

What are some of the data backup solutions available?

There are many different backup solutions and you should consider using at least two of them if not three. Read more…


Just for Fun – Answers from Last Month’s Issue

In last month’s issue we asked you to see how many words you could make from Social Media.

Bree and Grandma, daughter and mother-n-law of subscriber Dixie Lee of Backroads Business Solutions are the winners. As a special thank you they have received a $10 gift card to Olive Garden.

Here are the winning words.

Social, Media, Mead, Lice, Meal, Deal, Seal, Lime, Dime, Mime, Sole, Mole, Dole, Lace, Mace, Some, Same, Dame, Dice, Dismal, Code, Dial, Lies, Sail, Sale, Lose, Maid, Laid, Alas, Medical, Medic, Docile, Mile, Male, Mail, Dose, Dias, Side, Idea, Deli, Lame, Lead, Medal, Load, Lode, Come, Came, Coal, Seed, Deco, Side, Sold, Soil, Demo, Dome, Acid, Mild


The Chicken Or The Egg Of A Successful Online Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

Which came first, the chicken? Or the chicken’s egg?

This is a question that people have fought over far too long… as if finding the answer will somehow settle the reality of who we are. My personal conviction is that the chicken came first and it stems from my belief in Creation. I believe we were created by more than just Intelligent Design, but Supernatural Spiritual Design initiated by the One who holds all power, and that is God Himself….but I digress….

Back to business.

So, which came first? The assistant or the profits?

To get the answer to this question and read the rest of this article please click here.

This article was first published in A Real Change. To receive your won FREE
“Make More Money With Your Blog” training, go to
and claim your free coaching class NOW!

 VA Monthly Tips

Q: Do I really need a website for my business?

A: YES! YES! YES! Your website is probably the first place your potential Clients will go. It is the face of your business, and your potential Clients want to learn about you and your business. Your website provides you with an excellent opportunity to provide them with all the information they require before they consider working with you. If you want your potential Clients to take you seriously then you need to establish yourself and your website is a great place to start doing that.



Current Industry Trends: Branding 

What is branding?

Branding is what you do to give yourself a mark. It tells people who you are. It tells them what your core beliefs are. It tells them about your morals and values (what you stand for) in both your personal and business life. 

Why do I need it?

You need to establish your brand because people need / want to know about you and/ your business. They need to understand your core beliefs. They need to understand where you are coming from. Read more...


Software Pick: QuickBooks

QuickBooks has different options that you can use, but my personal favorite is QuickBooks online. Accounting not being my favorite aspect of running a small business QuickBooks Online allows me to easily give access to my bookkeeper and accountant. Each person has their own log in and QBO keeps a history of who does what and any changes made. Aside from the typical aspects of bookkeeping, they now have Intuit Payment Network, which provides a link on your invoice and allows your client to pay you by clicking on that link. The funds then are direct deposited into the bank account of your choice.

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