Is your Twitter welcome message your sales pitch? – REALLY? – WHY?

Why is your first contact on Twitter with someone new your sales pitch, website, other network, etc.? I personally find it a bit irritating when I attempt to connect with someone on Twitter or any network really and the first thing I see is a Direct Message (DM) from them saying “Thanks for the follow! Check out my website (link)” or “I have a deal that will blow your mind away! (link)” I know most of these are automated because they come back to me immediately after following someone.

I’m not against some automation, but I am against no personal interaction. If you are not on Twitter to connect with people then I wonder how successful you’re Twitter campaign is going for you. Now, I only have 605 followers as of this article, and I only recently started to get leads for my business from Twitter.  I might not be a so called expert on Twitter, and I admit I am still learning but this one thing bothers me just a bit. I try to be fair and not un-follow right away, but I will eventually un-follow you if that is the only message I receive and your content is only sales blasts.

When someone first follows you take the time to personalize your thank you or welcome message. Try to do as many of them as you can by yourself and make them unique. Don’t send them a sales pitch and links. Send them a message that says “Thanks for the follow. I look forward to connecting with you (name). Have a great Wednesday!” or “Name, I appreciate the follow. I hope you are looking forward to a really great weekend!” or many other ways to say hello and thank you in a few characters, but you can be more personal on your first contact.

I do each and everyone separately and I take the time to be personal and try to set the stage for some interaction in the hopes that I will get to meet new and interesting people, and I have met them. It works. People will interact with you if you interact with them. Sometimes you have to draw people out of their shells, but if you are friendly and upbeat people will respond to you. These kinds of connections are beneficial in many ways not just for business. Some of them will be good for business. Some of them will turn into great personal connections. Some of them will turn into great assets. There are many different types of relationships in life and you can have most of those on Twitter. It all depends on what you want.

I met a few people via Twitter because I tweeted something about being out of @Pepsi they responded with sentiment. We connected and had a few really great conversations. We discovered we had things in common, and the next time I am looking to subcontract work out to someone if they fit the bill of that work I will ask them for a meeting to discuss this.

On the flip side, I have had people ask me questions about let’s say an eBook and I answer their questions and they are very appreciative. The next time they are looking to outsource something that they know I offer as a service they will likely think of me and quite possibly ask me for a meeting to discuss.

It’s all about building and maintaining relationships. Yes, this takes time as does building and maintaining relationship in your life off the web, but it is well worth it. I love connecting with and getting to know someone personally. I am more likely to follow their tweets and read their blogs and comment on them, etc.

So keep it real! Personalize your welcome message or thank you message and build that relationship right out of the gate. People will want to connect with you on a more personal level so let them.

What about you? Do you send out automated messages / sales pitches as your Twitter welcome message? How is that working out for you? Or are you doing them personally and if so how is that working out for you?

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