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Transcription is taking an audio file and turning it into a typed text document. There are many types of transcription and you can learn more about those by clicking the links below.

Rhonda Holscher performs transcription functions for the client’s I serve. Her work is always concise and delivered in a professional manner. I would recommend her to anyone needing transcription services.”

Shelley Drasal of Your Faithful Assistant, LLC

There are many types and uses of transcription from academia, business, dictation, and many more. While we do offer transcription services we do not do large groups. We prefer no more than 2 persons speaking and you must speak English clearly. This might include interviews, dictation, lecture notes, voicemails, phone calls, memos, sermons, etc.

We have a basic template that we use and you can download a PDF sample transcript by clicking here, but we will also use your template or guidelines for transcribing your audio files.

We DO NOT do timestamps unless there is an inaudible section on the audio file. This could be due to a number of factors such as background noise, bad audio section, etc.

If you would like to learn more about transcription types and uses please read the blog posts below:

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