In Tough Economic Times, Businesses Seek To Alleviate Financial Stresses

CINCINNATI, OH – 2/22/2011 As today’s economy is causing financial stresses on many small businesses they are being forced to cut costs and that includes not utilizing the much needed assistance of office managers or administrative assistants.

As more and more businesses are being forced to make those cut backs they are being forced to wear many hats when they should be focusing on the more pressing issues of their businesses. They desperately need that office support to provide customer service, managing all correspondence from answering and writing letters, memo’s, emails, to doing research, creating and maintaining procedural, training, and other manuals, they need someone to answer the phone and represent their company professionally, someone to manage projects in a timely and professional manner, and more. Is there a solution to assist small business owners in alleviating these stresses? Rhonda Holscher, Owner/CVP of Rhonda’s Virtual Office seeks to assist these small business owners in alleviating these financial pressures by offering cost-effective virtual business solutions.

“As I consider the state of the economy I realize that I can do something to help alleviate those costs for small business owners.” Rhonda Holscher, “I can offer them cost-effective solutions by offering virtual assistance. Working with these small businesses as a virtual assistant/independent contractor these businesses no longer have to pay out of their pockets for taxes, insurance, workers compensation, and 401K’s. They no longer have a need for extra office space, office furniture, equipment, and additional office supplies thus alleviating their overhead expenses. We only invoice Clients for actual time (by the minute) on services we provide small businesses alleviating non-productive time spent by inner office staff with non-work related chit-chat, breaks, and personal phone calls. All those things are done on our time not the Clients thus saving small businesses the expense of paying for this non-productive (wasted) time.”

Realizing this pressing need Ms. Holscher started Rhonda’s Virtual Office to assist these small businesses at affordable rates while maintaining professionalism in representing their businesses. With a background as an Office Manager, a professional certification in the virtual industry, and Virtual Seal of Professionalism she saw a place for virtual assistance services in the small business industry.

Utilizing her virtual assistant skills, in a cost-effective way, Ms. Holscher believes her company can assist small businesses across the country thrive in these tough economic times. Ms. Holscher says, “Running a small business doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” proposition for them. We can help small businesses by providing solutions and services that can be tailored to each individual businesses needs.”

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