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It’s almost summertime and the tendency for so many of us small business owners is to take a break.  Unfortunately if you’re a business owner breaks aren’t always possible.  If you really want to stay above water and maybe even get a leg up in your business this summer use it as a time to ramp things up instead of slow things down.

So, today I have for you my Top 5 Tips for Ramping Up your Small Business this Summer:  Tweet This!

Tip #1 – Update and Leverage Your Email Lists – I know social media is all the rage, but the tried and true email campaigns still work today.  You may have not emailed your list lately, maybe your lists are outdated and needing updates.  Take the chance this summer to do this and put your email lists to work for you. 

Tip #2 – Create Great Content – Content is still king in the online market anyway and the truth is you can create content from anywhere.  With all the mobile devices and tablets we have today you can even be sitting on the beach or beside the pool and create some content.  Don’t let that stop you!

Tip #3 – Go Mobile!  Do you have a mobile website yet?  If not you need to make that change as quickly as you can this summer.  A new Global Media Consumption report stated that 60 Percent of Internet access is mostly mobile.  Why would you NOT have your website mobile friendly with those stats?

Tip #4 – Engage!  With social media available on every smartphone and tablet there is no excuse for not engaging with your potential clients and customers.  It is a no brainer!  Take the time to pop in multiple times a day and ask a question, post a quote or a photo.  At least let them know you are there!

Tip #5 – Do more of what’s working!  Take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts and determine what’s working and what’s not.  Then, do more of what’s working and don’t be afraid to ditch what’s not.  Like the old saying goes if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. 

I hope this has inspired you to not let summer be down time for your small business.  It can be a key time for your business to soar.  Think of it like riding the waves of summer or something like that! 

What tips do you have to offer for ramping up your small business this summer? Tweet This! Please share them below.


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