Tips to Creating a Lasting Relationship with Your Virtual Assistant

Finding just the right virtual assistant that fits your personality and business can be such a huge relief.  You can confidently hand off those tasks you no longer want to take care of yourself and know that they’ll get done the way you want them done. | stockimages | stockimages

Here’s are some tips on how you can create a long-term relationship with your VA.

  1. Provide  Clear Directions

It can be so easy to misunderstand your needs if you’re providing vague descriptions such as “Clear my calendar” or “book an appointment with client X”. Instead, be more precise and detailed, including what the criteria for a job well done.

For example, the details for booking appointments might be:

“Please book an appointment with Bill for between 10am and 3pm. I prefer to meet in a restaurant than in my office. Let him choose what kind of food as I like all kinds. But if he doesn’t have a recommendation, then pick a high-rated place from Yelp. Once it’s booked, please email me the date and time and also send me a text reminder the day of the appointment.”

Remember clear directions is easier for your VA to follow and leaves little chance of misunderstanding.

2) Create Procedures for Repetitive Tasks

Work with your virtual assistant to create procedures for those repetitive tasks such as checking email, setting appointments and so on. Be sure to outline exactly how you want the process accomplished.

For example, checking email procedures might include:

Check email once daily and sort accordingly so that I can take appropriate action the next day.

Create four folders/labels:

  • Urgent – anything that must be dealt with urgently
  • Today – anything that should be responded to within 24 hours
  • Follow up – anything that can be responded to within 1 – 3 business days
  • Read Later – Not important, and requires no response but you know I’ll want to save it for reference.


This just an example and of course you may have your own organizational style that works better for you, but gives you an idea of how to explain better how to deal with your emails. You may have a particular circumstance that you want to break down further with more details. The important thing is that you provide your virtual assistant with clear details on how you’d like that completed so that there are no misunderstandings.

Once you have the procedures set up, now you can simply send your VA a message if need be to do a certain task and they’ll exactly what to do for you and you’ll know that it’ll be taken care of exactly the way you want it.

3) Compliment When They Are Doing Things Right

Compliments can go a long way in building a successful long-term relationship. Be sure you tell your VA when they’re doing things right. Only telling others when they’ve made an error often can send the impression that they are not doing their job right which can lead to frustration.

As strange as it may sound, creating the sense that they’re doing can make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. When someone feels like they’re doing a great job, it is much more likely they will continue to do a great job. Showing appreciation for a job well done certainly can go a long way.

Compliments and well phrased instructions are the keys to building a long-lasting relationship with your assistant. Prevent potential problems by making all your tasks crystal clear. Work with your VA in creating detailed procedures for repetitive tasks. And finally, make sure to let your virtual assistant know when they are doing a good job.  The rewards to your business will be immeasurable.

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