Time Management Tips for the 21st Century

Excellent Time Management Tool to Help Your Business Manage it’s Time More Wisely

Time seems to fly when you are working from your to-do list. But does it seem like there are fewer things being crossed off? Why is that? Many of us work in a disorganized manner and expect to accomplish important goals for our business. Do you know how you’re spending your time each day? Tweet This!  If the answer is no then try using the Rescue Time tool to help track your time. Rhonda has wonderful time management tips that teach you how to delegate your time. But first you need to know where your time is going.

Rescue Time is a great time management tool. It helps you manage your time better by allowing you to see where inefficiencies are occurring in your day, set goals to keep you focused and set an alarm to alert you when you are spending too much time in one area. This is the way it works: once you sign in you can set up your workday based on a preferred time format. Next, you can set up a schedule that you want tracked and continue to quickly check off how you want your time to be tracked. What is the end result?

The end result is that you get a user friendly snapshot of how your time was utilized. The snapshot includes getting a detailed report on which websites you frequented, a weekly email report summarizing your productivity, a quick dashboard to view your progress and a productivity score based on categories you selected. Time management is an issue that has to be managed on a daily basis or it will manage you in a negative way. Tools like Rescue Time allow you to gain a handle on how you really spend your time so that you can select the right delegation techniques to get back to being productive in your business. 

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This is Rhonda’s Rescue Time productivity overview for the month of July 2014. They have nicer and more detailed reports then this, but those show to much information for this blog so we’re showing you a basic overview so you can get an idea of what one of your reports will look like. Rhonda started using Rescue Time in June and from June to July alone increased her productivity from 79% to 82% and is still making changes in how she spends her time based on the information she receives in these reports.

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Do you utilize any great tools or have any time management tips you’d like to share with us? Please share them below.

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