The Keys to Building Good Client Relationships and Trust

The relationships with our clients is one of both necessity and pleasure. Clients are the life blood of any business. But more importantly, developing the connection with our clients is essential. Building  good rapport and trust requires planning and continuing strategies. Here are a few ideas you can use towards building and maintaining a positive relationship with your clients.

1) Communication

Communicate with them often. Now you may be saying that you already do this through regular emails. However, what you say in these emails is so important. If your clients are being bombarded with constant promotions or sales requests, they’re going to stop opening your emails.  They’re going to lose trust in you.

On the other hand, if the emails they’re receiving provide valuable information, value, and can benefit their business, then you’re building trust. Your clients will look forward to your information.

The same goes for your social media networking. Connect with your clients on a regular basis. Again, limit the promotional links and instead post real, human interactions. TA McCann of recommends the 5-3-2 rule. He suggests 5 posts should come from other sources that is relevant for your clients.   The next 3 posts should again be relevant and come from you directly. Remember to limit the promotional sales pitches. Lastly, 2 posts should be of a more personal nature which gives your clients an inside look to you or your company.

2) Trustfulness

Prove you’re worth trusting. As a service provider posting examples of your work on your website is essential.  Another recommendation is providing case studies which demonstrates the value of your products and services. This provides credibility and it makes it easier to trust you as a provider and business owner.

3) Transparency

Be transparent. We are hearing the word transparency thrown around a lot lately.   Basically, it means that you don’t hide any of your policies or procedures. You’re 100% up front about who you are and what you’re about. This can range from making sure your email signup has a double opt-in, an easy to find privacy statement, contact information, and even a FAQ page. This transparency helps customers and clients trust you.

4) Freebies

Everyone loves to receive something for free. Free items can be used as a marketing and relationship building approach on many levels. For potential clients, you can build trust by providing valuable information and free downloadable information. And don’t forget your current clients as they love getting freebies too. You can give away reports, videos, and e-books. You can even take it a step further and give current clients a coupon or freebie. You can even start a loyalty program where clients are awarded points or dollars towards future purchases.

5) Gratitude

Lastly, show gratitude. Depending on the size of your client base and the nature of your business, sending clients a personal message is a great way to build rapport. Recognize their birthday or anniversary with a small gift. And if your budget will allow, think about sending cards and/or gifts during the holidays. Or simply send a note now and again sharing some helpful information relevant to their business.

There are many ways to build rapport and trust with your clients. Begin by taking a look at your clients and what you can do for them. Then set about creating an ongoing plan to connect and build trust. With a little planning and action you can be on your way to creating a business that is successful today and ten years from now.

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