Terrified of blogging? Don’t be.

Blogging Tips to Help You Come Up with Something to Write About

It is said that every business should have a web presence, and to completely terrify you, you keep hearing that you should have a blog too, but you have no idea how or what to write.

Some common obstacles for starting or keeping a blog are:

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  • no time -> start with 5 minutes a day
  • don’t know what to write about (topic) -> lots of ideas below
  • it’s already been written -> bring a fresh perspective to it
  • there’s no way I can write like them -> NEVER compare your unique self to others! Be YOU!
  • writer’s block -> lots of ideas below 




You are not alone. Even a seasoned blogger suffers from writer’s block sometimes. Tweet This! You will go stretches when you’ll find you have plenty to write about, and then all of sudden it’s like the well just ran dry. This is perfectly normal for many, and there are solutions that can help you get through this.

Before I get into that, I want to say that not everyone – in my opinion – should have a blog though. Hear me out. Yes, I absolutely believe a blog can be a critical and very useful sales tool in your arsenal, but if you are not going to keep it fresh and alive then there’s probably not much point. It usually takes time to gain readers and if you are not keeping up with the content then they won’t come around because there is nothing to read. Also, your content needs to be relevant to your readers. Your writing is not about you – it’s about your readers. Try to think about what they want.

When I’m considering my articles or blog posts, I’m thinking of the small business owner or the entrepreneur primarily. Sometimes I interject a little something extra, but my main goal is to produce content that supplies my readers with content that helps them with the day to day grind of their businesses by telling them about a new software tool that I’ve recently discovered and tried out, a small business trend they may find of interest, a how to, or a simple tip to make something a little easier for them.

So, you want to think about your business and who it serves.
  • Who are your clients or readers?
  • What are they interested in reading?
  • What small tidbit can you offer them to help them with something that might be a common struggle in their industry?
  • Is there a new software or tech tool that can be of use and make life easier for them?
  • What is your industry? 

If you are a plumber, electrician, or carpenter for instance. You’re readers would probably love, love, love DIY videos. I know I would, I mean I’m a single mom with a house, a yard, a car, etc. I’ve DIY’d many projects from changing tires and oil, ripping up new carpet and laying down new floor, to changing electrical outlets, and much more. I’m also a business owner and I’ve repaired my own computers and printers. DIY videos are a fav of mine.

Develop a list of questions to keep handy and use it as a guide when brainstorming ideas for your first or next blog.

Great places to get ideas:

Pen & Paper – It doesn’t technically have to be a pen and paper. It could be a voice recorder. Many cell phones are equipped with them, and who doesn’t have their cell phone on them these days? Or you could use the note taking app on your cell. The idea is to keep something to record or take down your random thoughts. You know the ones that you have that are really great ideas, but you always forget them later. Now you can remember them because you recorded them or wrote them down.

Email Subscriptions – You probably get tons of newsletters…save those. And when you have time to review the ones of interest, do that. They may just spark an idea.

Email Sent Box – Another thing you can get from your email is from your sent messages. Do you get asked questions from your clients, potential clients, or others on how to do this or that? Use those questions and answers to create a blog post. I often use mine for my monthly newsletter and put them in my Q & A section.

How to Videos – Today a client asked me how to get Outlook to notify him of only certain messages. I created a how to video to show him. You can do the same by taking those videos and using them as blog content.

Readers – There are different readers on the web and apps for your phones and iPad that you can use to retrieve content or save content to. With these readers, you can review the content later and keep up on what’s being talked about and what’s relevant. Use those ideas to spur your own blog post.

Mind Dumps – Just get a pen and paper or type if you prefer and start writing. Just let it all hang out. Anything and everything you think about goes on that paper. No editing and no stopping for a set period of time. When you’re done, have a look and you just might be surprised at what comes out. Sometimes you come up with some great stuff and sometimes…well, not so great stuff, but it does help get the juices flowing again.

Recording – Record you talking. Sometimes you just have trouble putting pen to paper and getting the words out, but you have no problem saying them. So… record yourself, and then have it transcribed.

Fresh Air or Change of Scenery – If you’re just to blocked, tired, or overwhelmed by the idea of getting something written take a walk, sit on the front porch swing, go fishing, do something else and if at all possible, let it involve fresh air and sunshine.

Hire a Writer – If all else fails and you really want or need a blog, hire someone else to write it for you. There are some great writers out there! I have read many great blogs, and I’m pretty positive you can find someone with a likeness to your own voice.

Do you struggle with coming up with blog content?Tweet This! Let me know if you use any of these ideas or if you have an idea of your own I did not mention in the comments below.

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