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As a small business owner an important piece of business is marketing.  Fortunately, in today’s society there are many free and inexpensive ways to market your business.  One of the most popular and most effective ways is using social media.  However, there are so many social media platforms, that one might find it difficult to keep up with them all.  That’s why having a social media software to help manage them all can be a very smart investment.

A fairly new social media software on the market today is SproutSocial.  SproutSocial is a powerful software that allows the business owner to engage, publish and analyze.  One can use SproutSocial from desktop, tablet or smartphone allowing you to stay connected and engaged anytime you wish.

The reports for analytics are the most thorough I have seen of all social media software, allowing you to create a report from just about any angle.  You can create separate reports on Twitter or Facebook for example or even a comparison report to see which is working smarter and harder for you!

SproutSocial lists the following as their top six reasons you will love them:

  • Unified Smart Inbox to streamline engagement
  • Social CRM tools including shared customer records
  • Advanced scheduling & publishing tools including ViralPost™
  • Sophisticated analytics & unlimited custom reports
  • Customer support features like tasks and Helpdesk integration
  • Team collaboration tools including live activity updates


What’s even better is that SproutSocial has a thirty-day FREE trial that will allow you to try them out before deciding if they are right for you.  In addition they have webinars and training that will help you get the most out of your social media experience.

Social media is such an important part of today’s business world you really want to stay on top of your game.  I highly recommend using a social media software so that you not only participate in social media, but also engage and know what’s working and what’s not.  You cannot do this without the use of helpful analytics that lay out for you what’s working and what’s night.  That’s what a program like SproutSocial does in a flawless way. 

Don’t continue guessing about whether or not your social media efforts are working or not.  Use expert software that has been tested and tried and is working for many top ranked companies such as Yahoo, UPS and Spotify. 

You really can’t go wrong when you can try the program for thirty-days for FREE before deciding if it is right for you or not.  That’s what’s so great about SproutSocial.  And if you don’t have the time to manage it yourself, SproutSocial allows team members which will allow you to hire a virtual assistant to help and you can both check in whenever you need to in the centralized dashboard and see what has been done. 

Navigating social media doesn’t have to be difficult and programs like SproutSocial make the process even easier. Tweet This!

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