To Speak with Intention

RhondaHolscher-backyardTo speak with intention … this is what I want to do. I so need to work on this area of my life. In my personal relationships as well as my business relationships. I tell my self time and time again that I will do it right next time and then next time comes and I cannot believe how I ramble on. Sometimes … most times, my ramblings are random and mean nothing. Other times … many times, my ramblings are nervous and are either an indication that I’m in a situation that makes me nervous or something is lurking beneath the surface that I need to get off my chest or deal with.

Yes, I can be quite the chatterbox. I only recently came to realize that my ramblings were because of my inner stuff’s, and I think my ramblings have been worse of late because I have been challenging myself with new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I have also been working with my health and wellness coach to overcome some personal barriers. Also, uncomfortable for me, but this is part of life. If we expect to grow and move to the next phase in life where we are a better version of ourselves we must go through these growing pains.

Starting my business was exhilarating and yet terrifying, but I did it mostly online and avoided human interaction. Then I started networking locally. I loved it because I realized I had lacked these connections in my life and I felt so alive, but I soon became aware that I was also terrified. Terrified to trust both others and myself. Terrified I’d say or do something wrong. There is so much pressure to “perform”, and I don’t want to “perform”. I want to be genuine, speak with intention, be sincere, and I want to make connections with those who do the same.

I love my business and I’m good at what I do, but sometimes my fears get in the way of allowing me to let that show through. Making it harder for me to make it happen.

I’m sharing this with you because I know some of you deal with similar issues when stepping outside your comfort zone. Some of you are terrified of networking, or making phone calls, etc. You are not alone, and we can set intentions to make it better. We can work with our coaches, mentors, and/ accountability partners to help us mature and grow in those areas which we find challenging or even downright terrifying.

I work one-on-one with a great health and wellness coach who walks me through breathing exercises, she’s teaching me to pause and regain my composure, among many other things, and she is holding me accountable. If you are not working with someone you should be. Do you know a coach, mentor, another small business owner, or a group even you can lean on, use as a sounding board, have as an accountability partner? If you don’t, you need to search your circle of influence and see if there is someone you can trust. Having these people in your life will help you to grow as a person and help you to grow your business. Yes, it will at times be uncomfortable, but don’t let that stop you. When it’s getting uncomfortable is when you are about to break through and make some real progress.

So, if you don’t have one already … get one. Step outside of your comfort zone, and move beyond your fears! Get out there, and don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams.


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