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There are all sorts of great software picks out there and through the years I’ve tried to share them with you through The VA Source. This month to start off 2015 I wanted to do a quick roundup to remind you of some of the great software picks I’ve told you about. So if you are new to my newsletter, maybe you’ve missed an issue, or simply don’t remember here’s the roundup to give you a quick preview of the software picks we’ve discussed over the years. 




Flashissue is an awesome e-newsletter creator that works right inside your inbox if you use Gmail. This is an ingenious little tool that makes sending e-newsletters a breeze. To learn more about Flashissue read the blog post here


Aweber is another great e-newsletter creator and has all the bangles, but it does come at a monthly fee. From list management, to personalization, tracking, web forms, and more. To learn more about Aweber click here to read the blog post. 


Now my editorial team or myself hasn’t written anything specific in regards to utilizing MailChimp as of yet, but I wanted to mention it here anyway since we are discussing e-newsletters. In my previous article regarding Aweber I wasn’t too fond of MailChimp, but MailChimp has really changed. It’s super simple to use and offers a great FREE option for small businesses who are just getting started and you can create some really nice newsletters with it. As far as software picks are concerned this is definitely one of my favs! 


Google Keep 

There are lots of great note taking apps you can use on  your mobile devices, but  having one you can take along on your cell phone is a must.  Google Keep is an excellent note taking app that I highly recommend. They keep adding new features to it and after I’ve been testing it for a while I’ve got to say I’m really loving it for a simple note taking app it really delivers and one of my favorite software picks. To learn about Google Keep read the blog post here


Sync Google tasks with Outlook with this handy little tool. Works on most devices and offers a 30 day free trial. To learn more about this GogTasks click here to read the blog post. 

Notes for Gmail 

Ever flag or star an email and can’t remember why? This little handy tool will help you remember just that. Notes for Gmail is similar to other sticky note apps with one big exception. The sticky notes are attached directly to your email. If you are a gmail user you will just love this little app. To learn more about its other features please click here to read the blog post. 


Project management is must in any business, and having a great project management software may be just the extra help your business needs to help streamline your systems and processes making your project management a little easier. Check out these 3 great software picks I’ve listed below. 

Intervals Online 

Looking for a project management system with all the features your small business needs, is easy to use, and affordable – then you might want to check out Intervals Online. Intervals Online does offer a free option so that you can test it out before you invest. To learn more about Intervals Online click here to read the blog post. 


For task management made easy GQeues works with your google account and even syncs with your google calendar. They do have a free light version and a yearly paid version that is very affordable. To learn more about this software pick please click here to read the blog post. 


We haven’t written about TeamWork in particular either, but I have tried many project management systems and for the cost and what they have to offer I have to say as of today this is by far my favorite project management system. My clients love this one over of the others as well. It’s super easy to use and has all the features a small business needs. 


Setting your own schedule is one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur. Having a tool to make that easier is even better. With that in mind we talked about 2 such software picks. 

Full Slate Scheduling

The first being Full Slate Scheduling which offers a free trial. To learn more about Full Slate Scheduling click here to read the blog post. 


The second being Calendly which offers a FREE option. Both are easy to use, but if you are looking for simplistic then Calendly would be the way to go if you are looking for a little umph then Full Slate might be what you need. To learn more about Calendly click here to read the blog post. 


Social media is a great way to get some free marketing with all the free social media accounts available to you out there. Along with that often comes a bit of overwhelm at times trying to keep up with all the different social media accounts you may be using. I have 3 software picks for social media for you in the roundup. HootSuite, Sprout Social, and BundlePost all great tools to add to your social media tool belt to make managing your social media easier. 


HootSuite is the perfect tool to add to your social media tool belt. This software pick allows you to manage all of your social media accounts under one dashboard, team collaboration, analytics, engagement, and more. It’s free to sign up so try it out, and if you want the PRO features you can upgrade for a very reasonable monthly fee. To learn more about HootSuite click here to read the blog post and if you’re looking for an easy way to learn how to utilize HootSuite click here for my free e-book “How I Use the FREE Version of HootSuite” (no opt in required). 

Sprout Social 

Another great social media tool with a unified smart inbox, CRM tools, scheduling, analytics, reports, team collaboration and more. To learn more about Sprout Social click here to read the blog post. 


BundlePost is a slightly different type of social media tool in that it’s a content management system that’s more like a content curator and then if you are a HootSuite user you can download a file fully prepared to upload to HootSuite with the HootSuite bulk upload feature. To learn more about BundlePost click here to read the blog post. 


WordPress is an awesome great content management system for building your website or blog on. Having great tools, widgets, or plugins to add to your WordPress website is one of the many things that makes it such a favorable option for building your site on as you can easily expand your existing site to do many pretty terrific and amazing things. To learn more about WordPress click here. Here’s a short list of some of my favorite software picks for WordPress. 


Everyone needs buttons on their website. Their attractive, stand out, and everyone knows what to do with them. For quick and easy website buttons you might want to check out this blog post for a few options. Another great button you might like having is a Tweet this button. For some simple on page coding tips and ways to add images to your code to create your tweet buttons click here

MediaGrid WordPress Responsive Portfolio Plugin 

Do you do creative work, website design, desktop publishing, take photographs, etc.? Then you might find this little gem a great tool to add to your WordPress website. MediaGrid WordPress Responsive Portfolio Plugin has all the features you could wish for and is really top of the line in my choice of software picks. To learn more about this neat tool click here to read the blog post. 

Print Friendly and PDF 

Have you ever gone to a WordPress site and needed to print, email, or save to PDF that content. This WordPress plugin Print Friendly and PDF does just that. I love it. It’s easy to install, easy for your website visitors to use, and makes great looking documents for them to print, email, or save to PDF so they can share or read them later. To learn more about this handy little WordPress plugin click here to read the blog post.



When I first wrote about Canva here it was just a baby and in beta, but it has done some growing up and has really turned into a powerful and easy to use graphic design tool for DIYers that requires no graphic design skills whatsoever. This is my profile on Canva. I just have a few designs on there, but you can look around at all the fantastic designs that others have created to get an idea of how nice the designs are. Visit Canva and join today for free and start designing your graphics and many of them for free or just $1 per image. 

GO Contact Sync Mod 

Are you using both Outlook and Gmail? Then you will love, love, love this tool. GO Contact Sync Mod allows you to sync all your contacts between both accounts. If you are like me have tons of contacts then this little tool will save you a boat load of time. To learn more about this software pick click here to read my blog post. 

Google Forms 

From simple contact forms, applications, to surveys this software pick is definitely a tool you want in your tool belt. To learn more about Google Forms click here to read the blog post. 


Don’t have time to read that article, watch that video, see a tweet you’d like to save for later then this handy dandy little tool will be the perfect extra tool to add to your collection. Check out the blog post here about Pocket to learn more. 

Rescue Time 

This nifty tool helps you keep track of where your time really goes to. Browsing the web and maybe you have the habit of getting off on social media and spend too much time on Facebook and at the end of the day you’re asking yourself where did my day go. This tool will tell you exactly how you spent your time on your PC. To learn more about RescueTime click here to read the blog post. 


That wraps up the software picks round up. I hope you’ve found these useful. If you need any assistance in choosing the right tools for your small business we’d love to speak to you regarding your needs and help you discover the tools that best meet your needs. So be sure to contact us today. 

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