Younity is a new software app that you can download to all your devices and have access to on all your devices, all the time. No syncing, no configuration necessary. Just download the apps onto all your devices. You can even use cross platforms and they work seamlessly together. I ran across this article “Younity Makes All Your Files Available Everywhere You Need Them” by Emily Price via Mashable the other day, and wondered how is this so different than Dropbox,, SugarSync, iCloud or other like services so I clicked over to the Younity’s website and checked it out. It looks like it has an interesting concept to it.

I have been there and I’m sure you have to even with all the technology out there at some point you are where you need to be and your files are not because of a big tech fail. It happens and it really stinks when it does. Younity’s goal is to help alleviate that issue so that no matter which device you have you don’t have to worry. As long as your devices are turned on and you have internet access you will have access to all of your personal and / business files, videos, pics, and more via a personal cloud that is more secure than a public cloud. Younity does not work in an online cloud system so your files are not ever kept online and they are never scanned or viewed by anyone in Younity or by any third parties ever.

Younity is currently free while it is being tested in the market, but at some point in the future a price tag will be added. According to Erik Caso there will always be a free version of Younity and the pricing structure has to be decided while in the testing phases and is hoping that the users will help them identify the best way to price it when it is ready for that phase.

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