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Customized Web Solutions

We offer web service solutions that help you stay on top of your brand and marketing needs.

  • You know it’s important to have a website as that is your virtual storefront where your customers come to visit your business.
  • Blogging helps you to bring relevant, informative, and useful content to your constituents while helping you to establish your credibility by showing off your knowledge.
  • Social media allows you to interact with your clients and puts a face and personality behind it allowing your clients to connect with you on a more personal level which is what they want.


Allow us to help you bring your valuable content to your clients and assist you in connecting with them. Read more below to learn how we can help today!

Rhonda is one of a kind. She was faced with a challenging situation regarding my web site. She invested a good deal of time finding the right person to address the problem and thanked me for expanding her skills to include this type of web development. NO one does that in this industry. They just move on to the next client. AMAZING

Rhonda is one of those experts that is truly that , an expert. It is so easy to be taken in the wide world of the web. I have as an interior designer been taken to the cleaners … with web designers and the so called services they provide – Honest – Smart – and a pleasure to work with is what you will find in working with Rhonda.


Email Marketing

We can assist with your email marketing campaign so that you can be sure that you are staying in front of your target market. Positioning yourself as the expert and at the forefront of their mind is important. You don’t want them to forget that you are there when your competitors are constantly reminding them that they are there. Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand because you missed this potential marketing avenue.

  • Account Creation/Setup
  • Design Newsletters/Eblasts
  • Send regular updates according to your schedule, to your list


We have worked with Aweber, MailChimp, and 1ShoppingCart for email marketing, however, we do not utilize 1ShoppingCart for other purposes. If you need someone to manage your actual shopping cart we will be happy to help connect you with a professional who can assist you with that avenue of support.


We’ll edit, proof, post or schedule your blog posts for you and ensure that they look nice with plenty of white space and place your images in a visually pleasing fashion. If you require us to purchase images for you you will be responsible for the cost of the images; however, there are many free image resources available as an alternative if you should choose to utilize them.

Website Design

We offer website design services via the WordPress platform and we want to bring you a website that really brings your message through visualization. What your clients or your potential clients see when they first come to your site is essential. It is important that you have a site that is designed and branded professionally. WordPress allows many great themes that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Themes, widgets, plug-ins, images, etc. that require purchasing are the Clients responsibility to purchase. Although, there are many free options that you may choose from.

We specialize in and highly recommend Weaver II Pro and have a professional license for this theme. Weaver II Pro is a mobile responsive theme that has many great pre-defined sub-themes that may be customized to your liking or we can start with a Blank Canvas and customize virtually anything you want. If you don’t like the Weaver theme or would prefer another theme we are more than happy to work on other themes with you. Other themes we’ve had some experience with include Genesis Lifestyle Theme, Buddy Press, Thesis, and more.

If you purchase a website design and monthly maintenance package from us we will throw in a free copy of the Weaver II Pro theme if you should choose to utilize that theme (offer only good at this time for the Weaver II Pro theme.)

Clients must purchase their URL, and website hosting before a website can be completed. We work with HostGator and prefer to use HostGator or a host that uses a cpanel. If you use a service other than HostGator please advise us upfront so that we can let you know if that is a service we can work with.

We recommend for most websites to have at least these basic pages and plug-ins: (hoover over text for description)

Rhonda Holscher is fantastic and fabulous!  She has worked tirelessly and diligently on my website.  Her patience exceeds understanding!  She is helpful, thoughtful, and works hard.  A benchmark of a true professional is their ability to communicate and respond.  I can say, without hesitation, that Rhonda communicates better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with.  She responds to my every request quickly and with a good attitude (which, in my book, is most important!).  I cannot say enough good stuff about Rhonda, and I highly recommend her for all your virtual assisting needs.  She will take care of you.  She has been a God-send to me.

Casey SollockCaseySollock.com


NOTE: We are not SEO experts. While we will install ONLY your SEO and Google analytics plugins we highly recommend speaking with an SEO expert. We do not do keyword research, reports, or anything else related to SEO. SEO is a specialty field and we feel we can provide more value to our clients by connecting them with an SEO expert rather than trying to do the job halfway. We want our clients to rank well in the search engines and the best way to ensure that is to do it properly through an expert in the SEO profession.

Go ahead and fill out our Website Questionnaire right now so we can get your custom quote within 24 hours.

(non-business days excluded [weekends/holidays])

Social Media

Posting or scheduling to your social media accounts. We utilize HootSuite for scheduling and bulk scheduling of the majority of your posts especially your tweets. If you have another platform that you prefer to use we would love to discuss that option with you and certainly would be open to it. However, if you do not utilize or have a preference of a social media scheduling tool we will utilize HootSuite. We are familiar with and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For other social media platforms we would be open to discussion. At this time we do not however utilize any other platform.

Rhonda Holscher is an extremely professional virtual assistant.  Her work is always accurate and fast!

The Social Media arena was a mystery to me and she made it so simple. She did the hard tasks and gave me the easy ones and now my region has a social media presence.  I could not have done it without her Rhonda is an out of sight joy to work with.

Deborah Boyd, Great Lakes Regional Development Director, Huntington’s Disease Society of America, dboyd@hdsa.org

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