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Relationship Marketing

In last month’s newsletter Rhonda previously mentioned that relationship marketing is not just about selling your services it’s about building solid and successful relationships. She also mentioned that the first key in building solid and successful relationships is to have a servants heart and to dig deep to try and find it. Now we get that this may not be the easiest task to do but it is necessary in order to truly serve others.

Seek Out Volunteer Opportunities 

There is no better way to get in the spirit of serving others and to get out of your own head then to volunteer to help someone in need. These opportunities can be found at church, at your local community center or through local organizations such as the Red Cross or Habitat For Humanity. If you are at a loss for where to start VolunteerMatch.org is a great place to begin your research for ways to give back. So get out there and do some volunteer work. You might be surprised how at much this will improve your relationship marketing (building) skills. 

Learn How to Be A Good Listener 

As Rhonda previously mentioned asking the right questions is crucial and hearing what is being said is even more important. But what if you are not good at that. We are all still learning how to be better at this and using these resources will be very helpful: 

Remove all distractions-It is hard to listen to someone when your cell phone is vibrating and the instant messenger on your laptop screen keeps popping up.
Be Present– We all have been guilty of listening to someone but really thinking about what we are going to say when they are done. This isn’t active listening. The best way to remedy this is to take a breath and clear your thoughts to focus on the person right in front of you. Another way to deal with this is to practice meditation so that you have an ongoing way to seek mental clarity and be more focused.
Don’t Assume Anything– Well you know what they say. So it is best to listen and ask clarifying questions. 

Take Care Of Your Mind 

How can you be a great listener and serve others if you are tired and mentally exhausted? As business owners we are constantly working to improve our customer experience and to grow our business. But there comes a time when we need to shut down and recharge. Some great ways to do this is to unplug for a day, practice meditation and prayer, take a walk to the park during our break times, do yoga, join a fitness class or read a good book. The point is to do something that recharges your batteries so that you can be ready to be of service to others. 

Seeking out opportunities, learning how to be a good listener, and taking care of your mind are all good ways to be a greater servant. This will have a positive impact on your clients as well as your personal relationships. 

What suggestions do you have to offer that might help others to concur their relationship marketing pitfalls?

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