Want Real Time Business Solutions? Hire a Ceritified Virtual Assistant!

“Business solutions are a dime a dozen. The key is finding the right tools to speed up production and ensure your business is excelling in work performance. Rhonda Holscher, Executive Officer of Rhonda’s Virtual Office is dedicated to finding real business solutions for her clientele. Finding your edge in a competitive market starts here with Rhonda’s Virtual Office services.”

Cincinnati, OH – 06-07-2010 – Before you waste time and money hiring yet another Office Assistant, consider contacting Rhonda’s Virtual Office. Rhonda Holscher the Executive Officer of Rhonda’s Virtual Office holds a professional certification in the Virtual Industry. The Certified Virtual Seal of Professionalism symbolizes that her company is founded on the highest ethics and utmost integrity. She is committed to providing thorough and skillful administrative services while providing quality services at affordable prices. Whether you are a small/large business or a non-profit organization Rhonda’s Virtual Office can assist you with many of the in house tasks you would normally pay an Office Assistant, and save you more money than imaginable!

Rhonda’s Virtual Office has more than 3 years of experience in the administrative field and ongoing experience fulfilling positions in data entry, web research, typing, word processing, transcription, e-mail management, editing/proofreading, and more. To learn more about the services provided at Rhonda’s Virtual Office please visit http://rhondasvirtualoffice.com. Rhonda’s Virtual Office is prepared to step in and take the lead on any tasks you need completed, and complete them efficiently, proficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner.

The question I am frequently asked, Rhonda Holscher says, “What is a VA (Virtual Assistant)?” Rhonda replies, “A VA is a professional independent contractor who works from a remote location providing Administrative Services to businesses just like yours.”

Rhonda Holscher is a member of VirtualAssistantForums.com, FindVirtual.com, and Hess Business Professionals & Associates Virtual Professional Group on LinkedIn. Through these groups she is able to make connections that assist her in meeting all the needs of her clients. She also received her training through Diane Hess’ Mentoring-2-Success program. Rhonda has received her Certified Virtual Seal of Professionalism and the CVP Business Ethics Seal in partnership with Hess Business Professionals & Associates LLC who is an accredited member of the BBB online.

Rhonda’s Virtual Office is accessible to you for a free telephone consultation, and will give you one hour of free services to aide your decision in contracting her services. To learn more about her pricing structure and services please visit http://rhondasvirtualoffice.com.

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