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Oh and did I mention FREE! Buttons are almost always a necessity on every website. You will want to prompt someone to download this or sign up for that. Whatever your call to action is a button is a great way to get their attention, and the nice thing about buttons is everyone knows exactly what do with them … click, click, click. 🙂

So, how can you get quick, easy, and free website buttons? Tweet This! I have a plugin that I use for when I want a simple, quick, and easy button called MaxButtons. To see a simple sample button I have a nice little purple one here on my client’s site for a “Schedule a Meeting” button placed both in her side bar and at the bottom of her site.

I was going to check out more website button makers and found this little gem sitting right in my email inbox from Paul Smithson the publisher of XSitePro Website Designer. He has a snappy little video demo of a button generator called DA Button Factory, as well as a list of other great little button generators. So, instead of reinventing the wheel here I’m linking you to his article with this great little video and other links. Check it out here!

So, that’s my quick tip for November. Maybe you can make a quick and easy Gobble button for Thanksgiving! 🙂

Here’s mine:

Gobble, Gobble


Love to hear what button generators you are using. Please share them below.

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