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I’m about to start working as a project manager for one of my clients, and before I get to it I thought I’d do a little research to help me be a more productive project manager. The following in simple terms is what a project manager is, does, how they do it, and why it’s beneficial for you to have one.

What is a project manager?

A project manager is a person whether an employee or an independent contractor who takes care of all the details. They plan and organize all the resources necessary to see your project through to completion.

What does a project manager do?

Project managers will usually have a team of other professionals they will have to manage. With my client I will be managing a team of wonderful ladies who are all virtual assistants or other independent contractors / online professionals who work in a virtual environment. I will be managing this team virtually as well. Project management has joined the virtual world just as many other professions have.

How does a project manager manage a team virtually?

Wondering how a project manager manages a team when they are all in different locations around the globe. Through the use of project management tools this is all made possible. In this particular scenario the use of Basecamp is being used to manage all the aspects of the actual projects, is being used for weekly team meetings, and Freshbooks is being used for time tracking. The use of these tools have simplified the process of managing all of the client’s needs and projects.

Now you don’t have to use all of these separate tools. If you prefer, you can find project management systems that allow you to handle it all in one system. Basecamp has many different options that allow you to utilize more tools in one central location. It depends on your needs and your preferences as to which tools you will utilize.

Why is a project manager important?

If you have a list a mile long full of projects, a team to manage, and too much other work on your plate already. Then a project manager will benefit your business. Your project manager will take all those little details off of your plate allowing you to focus on what you should really be doing.

My client is commonly known as the tech magician as she does a lot of tech work, but she also coaches many other professionals on how to start a virtual small business, on how to do those tech things that scare many of us, and more. What she seems to enjoy doing is coaching. So why shouldn’t she be focused on her coaching portion of the business and have a project manager oversee her other client related projects from building websites, setting up Aweber mailing processes, and more. Having a project manager is allowing her to focus on where her bigger passion is and do what she truly enjoys, and still keep the rest of her business flowing smoothly and keep that cash flowing in. If she has to stay focused on all aspects of her business at some point she is likely to burn out or let something slip. So using a project manager allows her to work less, be less stressed, be more productive, make more money, and do more of what she loves.

Could you benefit from a project manager in your business?  Contact me today to learn more!

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