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As business owners, one of the major tasks we face is sending invoices to our clients in order to get paid. In keeping with the branding of your business, sending a professional-looking invoice not only creates a good image for your business, but it also aids in on time payments.

Professionalism is essential. If your business is run in a professional manner, then clients are going to treat you in a more professional manner. Additionally, it is imperative that you are able to manage invoicing and billing in an organized manner to keep your business running smoothly.

One way to efficiently manage your invoicing is to use an invoicing software. Today there are a variety of different software options available that can be used to manage invoicing in a professional, organized way. There are many options available, both free and paid. Here are a few to consider.


This software is paid cloud-based which allows you to send professional-looking invoices no matter how your client likes to receive them; email, direct mail, or even directly to their FreshBooks account. It also allows you to track time and manage expenses on each project so you can see the profitability of everything you do. FreshBooks syncs with a variety of other systems such as, and which helps you manage your entire business.


Available both as a cloud-based software and desktop version, QuickBooks offers advanced invoicing and accounting options. If you often send estimates t initially to your clients, these estimates can be converted to a regular invoice automatically. Another timesaver is the memorized invoicing option which allows you to schedule invoices to be created and automatically sent to clients on a particular date. You simply keep track of all the work you do for that client and the system will grab it and make the invoice for you.


This is a free unlimited invoicing software. It offers customizable invoices by altering their template with your own logo and colors. You can even add a pay now button to your email invoices that allows customers who use credit cards to pay your invoice automatically. This free software is also totally mobile ready and completely in the cloud.


Many people don’t realize, but you can also use PayPal’s free invoicing tool to send professional invoices via email to all your clients. If you have a business account, simply go to “Request Money” then choose “Create an Invoice”. Invoices and your client information can be saved so you don’t have to re-enter the information over and over. Now, you can’t customize them as much as the other software but you can add your logo to them.  PayPal invoices are free and quite a number of people like them.

While it doesn’t matter which software you choose to use, you ultimately want to have a more professional look to your invoices.  Bottom line you’ll be more organized knowing who owes you and who has paid you simply at a glance.

Disclaimer: This piece is for informational purposes only. We are not bookkeepers and do not offer bookkeeping services, but we can often help you connect to the right professionals you need.

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