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Is your inbox about to explode? Do you have 100’s if not 1000’s of emails floating around in there and you feel overwhelmed?


Is your inbox about to explode?

Do you have 100’s if not 1000’s of emails floating around in there and you feel overwhelmed?

Are you afraid you’re going to miss that uber important email that might cost you $1000’s?

Are you constantly missing emails from your most important contacts – your clients?

Are you using Gmail?

If this is you, then you need this DIY course!


You’ll learn:

  • how to organize your inbox
  • how to get rid of unwanted emails forever
  • set up your account
  • set up your signatures
  • set up your vacation responders
  • add tools and apps to make your Gmail experience better
  • and more …


When I met Rhonda, I immediately thought: “she can help me in an area I know little about – how to use gmail to more effectively manage my business connections.

We set a time and met. Rhonda listened to what I needed and focused the training on my most important needs for gmail. Then she covered applications and showed me how other uses could simplify some of my work. I’m a hands-on type of person, so Rhonda allowed me the time to learn and practice using the skills as she was teaching. Her presentation and guidance are outstanding. The follow up was definitely a benefit. Her guide booklet is a clear and excellent guide.

I definitely recommend her services to my friends. Way to go, Rhonda.

Marian Alswager of ShopAmerica



Besides all the points listed above already Gmail is available on ALL of your devices and becomes your complete solution for email management. Gmail is your email manager.


That’s right, I said email manager. It’s so much more than just an inbox for one email. I know since you are probably a newbie to the concept you’re probably scratching your head about now, so … let me explain.

When you log into your Gmail account if you are new to Gmail then you probably only see your emails from that Gmail account, but did you know …

You Can Add ALL of your Email Accounts to Your Gmail

… thus making it your email management system for every single email account you own. Not only that, but you can also send and receive email from those other accounts as if you are sending from them directly and with a unique signature for each one. How awesome is that?

bombWhether you’re a newbie or a long time user you’re here because you’re struggling to manage your email. So before your inbox explodes let’s get you started.


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