Notes for Gmail

Notes for Gmail is a cool little sticky note app for  Gmail users. It pretty much does what you would expect it to do and a few other things. Just like with any other sticky note program, you put notes on each sticky note, the key difference here is that the note is actually attached to the email you want to make a note on. This is very handy as it helps you remember why you flagged or starred an email.

#Searchable: They are searchable just like your emails are.

#Reminders: you can put dated reminders on them to remind you to take action at that point in time.

#SocialSharing: you can also do Facebook and Twitter sharing via the notes.

#Hashtagging: label your notes with #hashtags.

#Sticky: you can stick them to pretty much anywhere within Gmail including single emails, email threads, to the inbox, starred conversations in chats, and creating a virtual corkboard.

#Pinning: pin them to your email or to the top of your email’s browser window.

#Formatting & #Images: there is a mini Word like formatting option where you can add images as well.

Check out Notes for Gmail. It’s easy to install and use, and come back and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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